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Stephen Gifford ANGEL & family


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Stephen Gifford ANGEL b. 4 Jan 1855 Paisley, Renfrew and

spouse Jeanie Spence CALDER b. abt 1849 Glasgow, Lanark and

son Arthur b. 2 Jul 1888 Bothwell, Lanark.

There is no definite trace of them after that, except for a possible sighting in Argentina ???

Could someone check for a tree please. Submitted IGI entry:

Arthur ANGEL
Birth: 2 Jul 1888 Uddington, Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland

Death: 11 Dec 1949
Father: Stephen Gifford Angel
Mother: Jean Spence Calder

Spouse: Emily Bell Clark
Marriage: 12 Feb 1914 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Submitted entry - Arturo Carlos Hilliard Angel

Birth 15 Dec 1922 Buenos Aires

Death 10 Feb 1999


Arthur Angel/Emily Bell Clark

You will find Emily on the 1891 census Milbrook Hampshire England with her mother and siblings born Argentina, back in Argentina by 1895 as per census on the familysearch site.

Hilliard is Emily's mothers maiden name as per a submitted entry on familysearch..
Hello Julie,

Thank you very much.

Yes, it would seem the submitted details are reliable. Still a surprise they ended up there.


Now where did I put my Spanish - English dictionary? :D

Julie, I'm puzzled by that shipping record for Arthur.

It starts with...All aliens arriving at a port of continental Unites States... then it has

At the top is says Passengers sailing from New York yet the list contains details of those who embarked at various ports including Havana.
I think I can make sense of it by following the dates.

30 April Arthur gets a temporary visa at Buenos Aires

21 May vessel sails from New York

4 June vessel at Port Limon C.R. = Costa Rica

5 June vessel at Cristobal C.Z. = Canal Zone

9 June vessel at Havana, Cuba
I'm having fun with some of the names on the 1895 census.

Hepken is not Esteban but it must be Stephen.

But what is Ceades? possibly Calder ???

But Dames as a first name for a male - it's not the usual translation of John or James.
It says married 17 years which fits but it says 5 children. There are four on the census but I have deaths for two making a total of six:

1886 ANGEL Thomas age 3 Maryhill, Lanark
1887 ANGEL John age 0 ? Govan, Lanark

Arthur is the only one I have an index record for:

I'm out of credits but this one appears:

Jeanie Calder ANGEL 1879 Maryhill, Lanark

and this one with no middle name:

Stephen ANGEL 1881 Maryhill, Lanark

and this one:

Thomas ANGEL 1884 Maryhill, Lanark d. 1886 Maryhill, Lanark

and this one with no middle name:

James ANGEL 1885 Maryhill, Lanark

and this one:

John ANGEL 1887 Govan, Lanark d. 1887 Govan

So that is six children.

All I can think of is that John who died before age 1 was not counted.
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