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Piece: SCT1851/683 Place: Dalkeith -Midlothian ED: 4
Civil Parish: Dalkeith
Folio: 757 Page: 32 Schedule: 146
Address: Buccleuch Street
Surname First name(s) Rel Status *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
STEWART Malcolm Head M 54 Iron Dresser Midlothian - Edinburgh
STEWART Herriot Wife M 48 - Midlothian - Libberton
Page: 33
STEWART Elizabeth Dau 14 Labourer Midlothian - Dalkeith
STEWART Albert Son 12 ? Scholar Midlothian - Dalkeith
STEWART Margaret Dau 8 Midlothian - Dalkeith
WILSON Catherine Sislaw U 70 ? Midlothian - Libberton

1861 thanks.

Death 1871 STEWART HERIOT [WILSON] 67 YOUNG 685/3 1250 Canongate

Death 1871 STEWART MALCOLM 72 685/3 1339 Canongate
High School Yards, Canongate, Edinburgh
Malcolm Stewart 59 Straw Presser
Herriot Stewart wife 57
Herriot Blacklock Stewart 4 g/child
All born Midlothian
RG9 Piece 3519 Folio 26 Page 5
Civil Parish: Doncaster
Eccl. parish: Christ Church
Town: Doncaster
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Doncaster
Sub-RD: Doncaster
ED: 16
No of Schedule: 32
Address: 9 Pells Close
Sarah Boocock Head Widow 48 Dressmaker Doncaster
Frederick Boocock Son Unm 25 Joiner Doncaster
Jane Boocock Dau 15 - Doncaster
Richard S Boocock Son 10 Scholar Doncaster
Albert E Stewart Visitor Mar 20 Blacksmith Edinburgh Scotland
Maria Stewart Wife Mar 17 - Sheffield Yorkshire
Sarah Knight Visitor Widow 69 - Birmingham

Looking for Albert Edward Stewart/Stuart or as Edward or as Albert in 1851, Scotland or England, thanks
Spouse Marie KNIGHT
m. 23 Dec 1860 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Father Malcolm Stuart
Spouse's Father John Knight
Marital Status Single
Spouse's Marital Status Single

Deaths Sep Qtr 1877 STUART Maria 32 Doncaster 9c 323

Deaths Sep Qtr 1878 STUART Maria 12 Doncaster 9c 431
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No birth reg for a Maria/Marie Knight in Sheffield.

GRO Reference: 1845 J Quarter in SHEFFIELD Volume 22 Page 590

GRO Reference: 1843 M Quarter in SHEFFIELD Volume 22 Page 613

GRO Reference: 1845 D Quarter in SHEFFIELD Volume 22 Page 543

Marriages Dec Qtr 1838
FLETCHER Mary Anne Tisbury 8 693
GOODFELLOW Thomas Tisbury 8 693
KELLOW Susanna Tisbury 8 693
KNIGHT John Tisbury 8 693
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On the marriage cert for Edward Stuart and Marie Knight Edward's father is Malcolm Stuart a Bonnet Presser. This fits (sort of) with Malcolm being a Straw Presser in 1861. Therefore I would say that Edward is the Albert Edward you are looking for in the 1851 Census (see Post#4) and that he is with his parents in Dalkeith in 1851.
Thanks emeltee.

Then 'Iron Dresser' in 1851 is a transcription error.

GRO Reference: 1864 S Quarter in DONCASTER IN THE COUNTIES OF YORK AND NOTTINGHAM Volume 09C Page 505

Malcolm David Hunter c. 29 Jun 1864 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Albert Edward Hunter STUART & Maria

This one is very strange. This is the same person as Alfred but he gives his father as David.

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA) - Wed 20 Jul 1887 p.6
Mr. Albert Edward Stuart, foreman of the Smiths' Department, says ...

South Aust marriage
STUART Alfred Edward Hunter 45y W (f David STUART)
m. 18 Jun 1888 St Bartholomew's, Norwood dist Nor Book 155 p.992
HARJES Clara Charlotte Auguste 27y W (f Gustav SCHWAN)
Marriages Sep Qtr 1879 W. Ashford 2a 1043
STUART Albert Edward & SKELTON Louisa * maiden name ELSE

RG11 Piece 3904 Folio 57 Page 57
Civil Parish: Gorton
County: Lancashire
Registration District: Chorlton
Sub-RD: Ardwick
ED: 47
No of Schedule: 279
Address: 697 Hyde Rd
STUART Albert Head Mar 39 Blacksmith Edinburgh Scotland
STUART Louisa Wife Mar 33 - Ashford Kent
SKITTON Fanny Dau 13 Scholar Ashford Kent
SKITTON Charles Son 11 Scholar Ashford Kent
SKITTON Annie Dau 4 Scholar Ashford Kent
Page 58
STUART John Son 10 Scholar Doncaster Yorkshire
STUART Annie Dau 8 Scholar Doncaster Yorkshire

RG12 Piece 3172 Folio 7 Page 7
Civil Parish: Gorton
Eccl. parish: All Saints
County: Lancashire
Registration District: Chorlton
Sub-RD: Ardwick
ED: 45
No of Schedule: 49
Address: 8 Gorton Brook St
STUART Louisa Head Mar 43 Dressmaker Mersham Kent
SKELTON Charles Son S 21 ... Brass Willesborough Kent
SKELTON Ellen L Dau S 19 Dressmaker Willesborough Kent
Page 8
SKELTON Annie G Dau 14 Scholar Ashford Kent
Births Dec Qtr 1884 STUART Rosie Pamela - Chorlton 8c 772 mmn ELSE

Albert leaves England 1884 - 1887.

Marriages Sep Qtr 1909 Chorlton 8c 1789
BAINES George Cuthbert & STUART Rosie Pamela

RG14 Piece 23821
Parish: South Manchester
County: Lancashire
Registration District: Chorlton
RD No: 464
Sub-RD: Ardwick
ED: 120 SN: 37
Address: 192 Broom Lane, Levenshulme, Manchester
BAINES George Cuthbert B Head 30 Married Engineer's Tool Fitter Manchester
BAINES Rosie Pamela Wife 26 Married 1.5 none Manchester
STUART Louisa Mother-in-Law 62 Widow Monthly Nurse Ashford Kent
Births Sep Qtr 1847 ELSE Louisa - E. Ashford 5 3 mmn GILHAM

Louisa Else
Father's Name Thomas Else
Mother's Name Sarah Else
Christening 25 Sep 1847
Event Place Mersham, Kent, England,
Microfilm Number 1835483
Batch I010594

Deaths Dec Qtr 1924 STUART Louisa 77 Chorlton 8c 777
County Kent
Place Newchurch
Church name St Peter and St Paul
Register type Other Transcript
Marriage date 28 Jul 1839
Groom forename Thomas
Groom surname ELSE
Bride forename Sarah
Bride surname GILLAM
Notes Banns
Transcribed by Robert Chown
File line number 116
Deaths Jun Qtr 1900
Else Thomas 88 E. Ashford 2a 525

Deaths Mar Qtr 1905
Else Sarah 88 E. Ashford 2a 586
I think you have the correct deaths.

Workhouse Road, Mersham, East Ashford
Thomas Else 79 Ag Lab Mersham
Sarah Else wife 76 Newchurch

The Street, Mersham, East Ashford
Sarah Else Widow 83 Newchurch

No sign of Sarah in 1911

Thomas buried Mersham 4 June 1900, residence The Street, Mersham

Sarah buried Mersham 8 February 1905, residence Workhouse, Willesborough.
Thanks emeltee.

There were several to choose from but they were the closest match for age.
Workhouse Lane, Mersham
Thomas Else 59 Ag Lab Mersham
Sarah Else wife 52 Newchurch
Thomas Else son 16 Groom Lovington
James Else 15 Ag Lab Lovington