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Stories from the papers

Put in Bullivant into search engine at Newspaper Archives and came up with several hundred. I am allowed to have 15 credits free which in fact works out as 3 pages from the newspapers. So I picked 3 which looked interesting. 1 from Wickersley, 1 from Torksey and 1 from Leeds.

Wickersley one turned out to be my husbands 3xgreat grandfather who was severely beaten up by 2 brothers. No explanation given or what happened afterwards,

Torksey much more interesting. Husbands 4 x great grandfather on hearing local inn landlady had been robbed took off in pursuit on horseback tailing them till he could get the authorities to arrest them and his quick action resulted in one of the biggest gangs in the area being arrested and convicted, so heroic. This was no young man leaping on his horse. He was 50 at the time.

Leeds one a bit boring but apparently his catering was highly thought of.

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