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South Aust.
This is part one, of an interesting little story about my great great grandmother, who was born in Madrid, Spain and went to England as a widow with one daughter, married an Englishman and migrated to Portland, Victoria, in 1854. I will tell the story in 2 parts as it’s quite long. I found it on Trove, along with some other previously unknown information about other family members. But that's another story.

Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser
Friday 1st August 1856
Police Court. Before J. Blair, Esq, R.M.
Charge of assault:
Martha Nurthen, wife of George Nurthen, charged John Cross with having assaulted her, by throwing at her a paunch lately taken from a beast in the slaughter house. Plaintiff deposed that on Monday last she went to the slaughter house to purchase some offal for her pigs, when John Cross one of the butchers, in consequence of her reminding him that he had not returned a sixpence which she had overpaid him on a former occasion, threw the paunch at her. Complainant in her evidence, corrected one part of her deposition, and said it was a bucket of filthy water, and not a paunch which was thrown over her.
John Cross stated that the plaintiff had so repeatedly gone to the place and annoyed him that he threw a bucket of water over her to get rid of her.
John Smith deposed- “I was at the slaughterhouse, I think on Monday last, when the plaintiff came there.
She asked Cross if he would sell her a liver. He told her no! He had nothing to sell. He ordered her out of the slaughterhouse; she said she would not go.
He had some water in a bucket, with which he was washing a bullock down, he threw this over her.”
(The plaintiff made some interruption, and was threatened to be put out of court unless she was quiet).
To be continued.

Here is the second instalment. I hope you like it.:eek:

Part 2……
John Smith deposed - continued.
“She called him a d……d drunkard blackguard. I then left the slaughterhouse. He threw the water over her before she made use of that language. She was removing a piece of bag, which Cross told her to let alone.”
William Osborne- “I was in the slaughterhouse on Monday last, when Cross was helping me to kill a bullock. Plaintiff came down, and asked if Cross had any pigs’ meat to sell. He said no! It was all sold. She asked two or three times, Cross told her to be off. She asked if he had bullock’s feet, he said no! She had some words; she called him a London drunkard. He went out with some bullocks’ feet, she followed, and came back with a cloth, and was putting some blood in it. He told her he had cleaned the cloth to put the meat in it, and she had better get her coat and put it in the pocket. He then told her to get out, she called him b…..y s….y again; he then threw the water over her.”
Charles Payne-deposed to the fact of the plaintiff having taken a piece of sack, and defendant threw a bucket of water over her. Witness heard no abusive language between them.
Guilty; sentenced to pay a fine of 2s /6d and costs 6s/ 8d.

What more can I say. Joanredf)
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Brilliant,sounds like they both enjoyed a tipple,being part Spanish its a good job she didn't grab him by the castanettes!:biggrin:
Martha,(Ematha), was Spanish, as was her daughter,Jane,(Censhen),my great grandmother.They both had Spanish born parents, who were farmers. I'm told I inherit the the nose?? :eek:
I know there are a couple of tales about her husband as well.
A Spanish nose eh Joan:biggrin:

Any good at cooking Piella?

My favorite paella,is seafood , I can make it, but I'm the only one one here now that will eat it.All the kids loved it when they were home, and my husband only eats boiled rice with milk and honey/or golden syrup, or in a pudding.:'(
He won't even eat it with Chinese food.