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Story View and Life Story options on ancestry

I have a world wide subscription to ancestry. I recently found out that last year there was an option called Story View which in practice seems to only have been available to selected US members as a test, although it was publicised as being a world wide roll out (there was a Youtube video about it which said an international roll out was scheduled.) It seems like it never happened. I certainly never saw it as an option on my ancestry member trees.

However I follow a noted genealogy blogger in the US and this week he posted that it has been upgraded to Life Story and is now in beta testing. So I posted a message on ancestry UK/England/general asking if any one else had seen or used Story View when it was last around. The message was moved to ancestry.com discussion boards by admin and a couple of US members replied that they had used it and it was not very good.

This did not help me so I posted again on UK/England/General asking if anyone in the UK had used Story View. My post was deleted by admin!

I have now emailed ancestry in the US asking what is going on but in the meantime, has anyone here with an international ancestry sub ever heard of Story View or used it?