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Strange happenings


Loyal Member
Charters Towers queensland
Anyone else experienced strange things happening while doing family history? :LOL:

When on holidays once we called in to see my hubby's elderly cousin, a lovely old lady who we had seen heaps of time but this time we called into her place to see her. She had some old family photos up on the wall, one been my hubby's late grandparents taken early 1900's. I took photos of all the photos on the wall and checked my camera and all the pictures i had taken were on there. When we got home a couple of weeks later i downloaded them onto the computer and very strangely the photos of the late grandparents were not there :oops: All other photos were there just not the grandparents ones :confused:

Another one was when i was digging around into my late grandfather's military records. Every time i had them up on the computer screen my disc door would open on the computer tower. I would close it and not long after it would open again. When i closed the window on the military records the disc door stopped opening. The happened several times over a couple of months. I loved my grandad and at times i feel he is with me so wonder if this was his way of letting me know he was. Either that or i had a weird disc door thingy :unsure: Just seemed to strange to be a coincidence.

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