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Strangers no more


I have a aunt who was adopted out as a new born and she found us a couple of years ago. She visited my parents when she found my dad, her brother, but i never got the chance to meet her until now. I have just spent the last 2 weeks with her and my parents when she come for another visit from England to spend xmas here.

I have always been so different in my nature and in my ways of thinking than the rest of my family and then i met my aunt:biggrin: It felt really strange that this "stranger" was so much like me. One example is we use the same expressions on our face when concentrating and have a lot of the same habits that no one else in the family appear to have. Just lots of little things that only she and i appear to have or do.
I had been told a while ago that her daughter, my cousin looked a lot like me from photos that other family members had seen when my aunt first visited a couple of years ago but the first time i seen my aunt she just stared at me stunned at how much i did actually look like her daughter. Split image apparently.

Strangers no more and great relationship has started :biggrin:
Thanks Dave

Should take my cousin to the hairdressers with me and if a style dont suit her i know not to get my hair cut like that :2fun::2fun: Tho apparently my cousin and i have the same hair style now:eek: And same coloured hair as well :biggrin:
Yes, like the tooth fairy. :2fun:

I've seen things that make me doubt Santa but I've seen nothing to make me doubt the tooth fairy exists.
Really nice Gibbo....where in England does she live....i could pop in for a cuppa and see what you look like:biggrin:

Pleased for you that it went well.