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Strangers no more


Loyal Member
Charters Towers queensland
I have a aunt who was adopted out as a new born and she found us a couple of years ago. She visited my parents when she found my dad, her brother, but i never got the chance to meet her until now. I have just spent the last 2 weeks with her and my parents when she come for another visit from England to spend xmas here.

I have always been so different in my nature and in my ways of thinking than the rest of my family and then i met my aunt:biggrin: It felt really strange that this "stranger" was so much like me. One example is we use the same expressions on our face when concentrating and have a lot of the same habits that no one else in the family appear to have. Just lots of little things that only she and i appear to have or do.
I had been told a while ago that her daughter, my cousin looked a lot like me from photos that other family members had seen when my aunt first visited a couple of years ago but the first time i seen my aunt she just stared at me stunned at how much i did actually look like her daughter. Split image apparently.

Strangers no more and great relationship has started :biggrin:

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