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Street entertainment in Victorian London.


Staff member

If you walked through the streets of London in Victorian Times then often there were a lot of food stalls and also street entertainers. I even heard of bears with a trained person doing acrobats.

A perfect time for Londoners at weekends to spend a day watching these street entertainers and buying food from the street stalls.

I remember in the 1950s there were the Sand dancers outside theatres. Chaps selling trinkets and "Jumping Beans" from trays, and my uncle Harry outside the Brighton at Camden town with dark glass and a white stick playing a squeeze box. Once he had enough for a pint he went inside and the dark glasses came off! :2fun: The local bobbies knew him well! >:D
Still plenty of street buskers today Ben. But I doubt if the animal rights campaigners would put up with animal acts on the streets today.

I used to go down to Covent Garden, and there was all sorts of street entertainers. Don't know if they are still allowed there now though.

I used to love the musicians on the underground stations as well. But I suppose they've all been 'moved on'.