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Stuck!! how can i trace him??

Hi all.

I have a dilema....its no fun and many have tried to help before but i'm still no further on. I am trying to find my Grandad William Thomas Roberts in order to record the family tree. I dont want to bore you with too many details to begin but so far i know this much for sure.....

1905.....marries Alice Kenworthy in Dobcross Yorks (states hes a widower) (aged 40)

1907 .....living Abergele with Sarah and baby Daniel (baptism record)

1908......gets sentenced to hard labour for abandoning his wife for her sister

1911....living in Abergele North Wales with Sarah (Alices younger sis) and 2 children (aged 45) (birthplace Rhyl)

1915 he and Sarah marry (aged 40) (fathers name Dniel Roberts)

death 1931 (aged 56)

This is the problem. as you can see the ages dont add up. I could understand his lying about his age to marry the much younger Sarah.....so that gives us a birth date around 1865. But.....I cant find him. looked and looked...nobody matching with Daniel as dad.
But..if we take the later dates as correct we find a family that fits very nicely.....area and names of siblings fit the family mould well......but of course.....i can not be sure this his them!!! Because of this age variation I cant begin to find him on 1981 or 1901 census because i dont know where he was ...tho a few good guesses would come to mind....but i dont know his age!!!

I do hope someone might be able to tell me how i can go about solving this one....where on earth can i look next? :confused:

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