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Subscribed threads


I must have ticked or unticked something as I don't seem to have any recent threads in my subscribed threads. How do I get the threads I post in to appear in my Subscribed threads? I am sure it will be simple but I can't find it.

Thanks in anticipation

Hi Julie

Thanks for the reply, I have been using that method to get to my posts - but it is the Subscribed Threads I am having problems with.

If I click on Quick Links, down to Subscribed Threads, that shows threads I have posted on upto the end of february - but no later posts, none of the threads after that show up. The same happens in User CP - Subscribed Threads.

I cannot understand why it has logged the initial 11 subscribed threads and then stopped.

Hi gedcom,
1. go to your user profile
2. click edit options
3. look for "messaging & notifications"
4. you will see " default thread Subscription mode"
5. click the drop down menu you will see various options
select "daily e mail notifications" this should now appear in the information window .
exit ucp. this should sort your problem
best regards Sterico