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Surname Requests

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Hi All,

If you want help searching for particular ancestors, please ensure you enter all the details you have: name, dates, areas, countries etc
- if you have NO further details please say that you haven't. Also FIRST please post your brick wall - Wanted Names in our "Wanted Names" system.

For Example:
Person: John William Hallam
Area & Date: Looking for a BIRTH around Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Possibly around 1882 to 1886.
Details: I have a marriage certificate with dates HERE from 1906, stating he was 22 years old = 1884. I have not been able to find a Birth.
End of Example:

Hope this will "help us to help you" :)
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Re: Surname Request's

You may post requests for Surname information in this section of the forum.

However offering general access to resources you've purchased, such as online accounts and CD-ROM data is not allowed.

Companies such as MyFamily.com, S&N Genealogy Supplies, the Federation of Family History Societies and other data resources from CD's or online resources are strict about copyright and licensing.

Breaches of the individual companies terms will result in problems for this Family History UK forum and its members.

Please note.

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