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Surplus Scottish Death Certs Around Paisley, Glasgow etc


Valued Member
Bendigo, Victoria
I have listed the other people on my ancestors death certificate - more info if required. They are listed

Deaths in District of Paisley in the County of Renfrew 1881
Thomas Snedden – single – parents Thomas Snedden & Margaret formerly McNab 2 June 1881 (3 months)
John Bryce widower of Isabella - parents John Bryce & Catherine formerly (looks like) Charlston 31 May 1881

Deaths in District of Abbey in the Burgh of Paisley 1878
Andrew Murphy (single), parents Patrick Murphy & Ann ms Elliot Jane Vance (single) parents James Vance & Jane ms Canning

Deaths in District of Abbey in the Burgh of Paisley 1868
Jeanie Brough – single – parents Thomas Brough & Janet formerly Morrison 16 Dec 1868
Mary Hughes – single – parents not known – 16th December 1868 (83Β½ years)

Deaths in the Parish of High Church in the Burgh of Paisley 1867
Elizabeth Todd – single – parents Michael Todd & Elizabeth formerly Lauchlan 18 April 1867
Catherine Sorley – single – parents Peter Sorley & Ann formerly Johnston 20 April 1867

Deaths in Parish of Middle Church in the Burgh of Paisley 1864
Elizabeth (can’t read next word) Campbell (widow of John Campbell) – no parents died 26th Jan 1864
Jane Wall – single – Parents Robert Wall & Isabella formerly Reid 27th Jan 1864