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Surprising Family Tree Finds!

My 2nd cousin 3x removed.................!

Helped mother with 5 murders

Mother Amelia Winters (nee Goodman) had a guest house, it appears that for each tenant she had she took out an insurance policy, unbeknown to them and then posioned them over a period of time with arsenic. This included 3 or 4 of her own family; blood and by marriage.

Elizabeth Frost (nee Winters) posed as mother or sister to those killed to collect the insurance money.

When arrested Amelia apparently became ill and died (probably took own posion,)and upon her death bed said that her daughter was simple and knew nothing of the murders, she was just persueded to collect the money.

In 1891 Elizabeth was convicted of a lesser charge or fraud instead of 3 counts of murder with Amelia - she got 7 years.

Her husband Thomas Frost left her and shacked up with the housekeeper, with whom he had a large number of children but never married.

Found Elizabeth with her brother William in 1911 census in Edmonton, calling her self a widow!

Also, a DNA test with Ancestry has thrown out chunks of my wife's and my ancestry.
Who would have thought I had 7% Chinese ancestry? I had blonde hair as a child, and have blue eyes.

I have dark hair, and blue eyes but I have Chinese looking eyes as people have also said but I have no known Chinese ancestry.
Two from my tree.

Henry Watts Head Mar 65 Principal Record Keeper in the Office of Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Stephen Perdriau was Horatio Nelson's Cabin Boy.

Joined Royal Navy on 12 Aug 1780 aged 12 as Captain's servant on HMS 'Venus' in WI Squadron of Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney (a family friend). Served on HMS 'Boreas' and then HMS 'Endymion'.
Later on 2 May 1785 was Horatio Nelson's servant during one tour of duty Nelson had in the West Indies on HMS 'Boreas'.
I have dark hair, and blue eyes but I have Chinese looking eyes as people have also said but I have no known Chinese ancestry.
The first generation after where I suspect the Chinese ancestry comes in was my maternal great grandmother. In photos she was tiny, and initially I had suspected Indian or Afghan ancestry, but was proven wrong by the records. Now, DNA has proven the records wrong.
In the 1881, 1891 and 1901 census, my great, great gran gave London Stoke Newington as her birthplace. I knew she was 17 in 1881 so born c1864. I found her in the 1871 census in Bow, London. I was shocked to find her birthplace said "Sussex" same as her mother, yet her younger sister just a year younger was said to be born in London. Turns out her mum and dad (from Kent originally) moved to London just after her birth.