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swain in keyworth



Can someone check a electoral register or directory for a person by the name of Swain. I do not have a first name for him. I have been told he was supossedly a Major.
1935 to 1938 Widmerpool Lane Keyworth Nottinghamshire
1938 onward in York Yorkshire. I do not have a address for York.
Any help would be appriecated
Hi Gibbo..not to good on this kind thing...but havnt forgot your photos...hope to be in Nottingham soon...then will send them on to you...regards Lee.
Hi Gibbo

Electoral registers should be at the Nottinghamshire Record Office or York Record Office. Very few are online. I think though, that will be the next plan for family history societies and CRO's to archive their poor law, school and electoral registers.

Thanks Ben. This name has only just popped up amongst all the others and looks like it could be of some interest.
Hi everyone,
I have found a first name for the Swain fellow in Keyworth. His first name was John. He was suposedly in the directories for Widmerpool Lane Keyworth in 1941. Is there anyone who can confirm this for me please as i had been told he was there in 1935 to 1938. Many thanks