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John & Emily both buried at Methodist Rookwood.

I think we can do no more. :confused:
Yeah cant find nothing to prove otherwise with who Emily actually belongs to. I noticed no father on her death index:rolleyes:

Ok moving on :biggrin:
Hi, Rosa Matilda is my Great Great Grandmother.She returned to England with Fanny and married there in 1854. She had 7 children and died in childbirth follwing the birth of the last 2 ( twins) who were still born. She was only 32Fanny remained unmarried. Sybella and Susan stayed on in Australia and got married. There were 12 Birkhead siblings. All were born and baptised in Watlington Oxfordshire except Sybella who was born in Sutton Herefordshire. She also appears to have the name Catharine. It is odd because all the others go under the name they were baptised with. Sybella is shown as the daughter of John and Elizabeth on the 1841 and 1851 census. John was a surgeon and was made bankrupt in 1827.He died in 1853 which may have prompted the trip to Australia by 4 of his daughters. Elizabeth lived until 1859. John's father was William Birkhead, also a surgeon who died in 1829.He was married to Elizabeth Harness who died in 1846. They had 11 children.William's father was Richard Birkhead MA ( Queens College Oxford) a scholar of Greek and Latin. He was vicar of St Leonards Church Watlington from 1757 to 1784. He died in1784 and was married to Lucia Pottinger who died in 1801. They had 11 children.
Hello Rosareli,

welcome to FHUK

Thank you very much for the information. I'm still puzzled where BATHER/BAITHER fits in. Post #3 indicates Sybella was married. When and where did Sybella marry and when did she arrive in Australia?


Yes Julie but... ;)

Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1950
Name: Sybella Catharine Birkhead
Spouse Name: John Alexander Carter
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1858
Registration Number: 2720

Post #3 says Sybella married a BAITHER/BATHER and that a daughter Emily Alice BAITHER was born 29 Sep 1855 and married with that name and died with that name as her father's:


If Sybella was unmarried at the time of the 1858 marriage then why is Emily not a BIRKHEAD in official records?

Seems Sybella told her sister Susan that she had married.
I can find no birth reg in NSW or Vic. for Emily so I'm puzzled where the author of a tree got the '29 Sep 1855' from. Not likely to be on Emily's marriage certificate.

The other puzzle is that four sisters came to Australia, Fanny, Rosa and Susan together, but can't find Sybella.

The death of one of Emily's children:

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Red card if studs showing. :biggrin:

Yes, no sign of the marriage or birth for Emily.

I'd say from that newspaper notice that Sybella didn't arrive with the others. Also curious the other three appear on the Assisted and Unassisted lists. I'd say Sybella arrived before the others.
I am a descendant of Sybella Catherine Baither Carter nee Birkhead. I only started reading a book my mother gave me which is a written history of the Carter and Channon families yesterday. It was written in 1938 by Will Carter. Sybella was his mother. In that book it details that she met John Alexander Carter when he travelled to London as "chief steward in the old A.U.S.N. Company's service." Will Carter thinks the boat was the SS Alexandria and it appears she came back with him then, their first child together being born in Adelong in January of 1859. The geneology charts in that book list her as having been married previously to an Edward Baither. Emily Alice is a child of that marriage, and Sybella had another five children in Australia. Would you like more info? The family history is very colourful and interesting as it centers around the Gold Rush era at mostly Adelong, NSW. Regards, Bruce
Hello Bruce,

welcome to FHUK

Thanks for the info.

I'm sure I have queries but you may not have the answers. For example, do you have the date and place of that first marriage?

My connection is remote, via FURNER to NEWBERY to CHANNON.


Hi Dave,

No, I don't have those details of that marriage.

I have a copy of Sybella's marriage certificate with John Carter (Church of St Peters, Melbourne; 13 August, 1858), in which she is named as "Sybella Catharine Birkhead: Spinster". This spelling of "Catharine" features twice on the form, but elsewhere she is always written as "Catherine". Nor is there any reference to "Baither" on that form.

Following on from the info I sent previously, Sybella's son wrote, "No sooner did the voyage end than the Adelong gold rush occurred and, forsaking his job he (John Alexander Carter) made straight for the new field with his wife and infant daughter, Emily, who in later years married John Channon, a leading business man of Adelong."

As a Channon, I am chasing along that line too. And Sybella is my great-great-grandmother.

I did notice mention of a "Mr Newbury" not "Newbery" being a tailor in Adelong between 1860-1880; living in a house there called "Blink Bonny". If that's of any interest to you?


Hello Bruce,

Thanks. I've not been able to find that marriage either.

I might be able to help you a bit with NEWBERY (also NEWBERRY and NEWBURY in some records). You can find lots on that family and CHANNON already all over this site.


Hi Bruce - It seems we are related because my Great Great Grandmother was Rosa, Sybella's sister. Can you tell me the date that Sybella came to Australia. Rosa and her sisters, Fanny and Susan travelled there together on the SS Kent arriving in 1853. Rosa and Fanny returned to England soon after. It seems that they did not travel with Sybella so I wonder if they followed her. It seems a long way to go only to return so soon. Sybella is the only sibling to have been born in Sutton Hereford, the other 11 were born in Watlington, Oxfordshire. Sybella is shown on 1841 census as Catharine and on the 1851 census as Sybella. Can you tell me the year she was born and shed any light on her change of names? Their father John Pottinger Birkhead, a surgeon who was bankrupt, died in 1853 so I wonder whether that is why they went.