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Hi all
Could someone tell me what all the different symbols next to threads/posts mean? What are the Pins, Ticks, Stars, Red/Blue envelopes etc. I understand the awards but I can't work out the rest. There is definately 'room for improvement' as my old teachers would say, as far as my computer skills are concerned. So please bear with me as I get used to the site.
Hi Liz

I think that the stars mean how well you fare as a member, ie, 3 stars means a member, 4 stars means Top Member, and they keep growing along with the awards after a certain number of posts. When you say Pins sometimes a thread is "Sticky" meaning that it is pinned to the top so everyone can see it rather than it get lost amongst the other threads in the page. I believe the envelopes mean no new posts, new posts etc.