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Take away food -- Drive thru


In Australia the order and pay windows of a drive thu is on the right hand side of the car, the drivers side. So the architects would have to have a bright day when doing plans up for a store in a country who drives on the opposite side of the road to us :confused: They'd have to reverse thu otherwise :confused:
I'd say every vehicle that enters such a place has a passenger in the front. :biggrin:
I had my first McDonald's meal in Germany in 1983 as a backpacker. Never had one in Australia in my whole life (to date). :biggrin:
It's Kentucky chuky that gets me, Jude likes the raps from there, but I hate the drive though. You pull up and get asked what you would like and say 1 chicken rap please (I figure if I use good manners it encourages everyone else) would you like chips with that? No thank you just the rap. Would you like a drink with that sir? No just the chicken rap we have orders thank you. All right sir would you like to upsize your order? ( This is were Jude gives me one of those looks to behave myself) I want to say! no just the chicken rap I order 20 minutes ago will be fine, but Judes still looking at me so I say thank you just the chicken rap. These days if she wants to go there she ask me what type of mood I'm in to see if it's safe to go to the drive though. I think I may just be a cranky old man, but if I want all this other stuff I can ask for it. :confused::eek:

Glen :biggrin:
:2fun::2fun: If i ever get down your way Glen, i'll jump in the back seat and you and Jude can take me on that little adventure :biggrin: I want to see the look Jude gives you :2fun::2fun:
:2fun::2fun: If i ever get down your way Glen, i'll jump in the back seat and you and Jude can take me on that little adventure :biggrin: I want to see the look Jude gives you :2fun::2fun:

I'm quite sure it's the same look you give your better half ,when he is about to let fly.:rolleyes:

Glen >:D
Was in the chippy last night....i was witness to a fight where a rather large Cod got battered.....i ask for fish and chips twice...yes says the matron serving...i heard you the first time.

What i want to know is why the Chinese chippy always refer to my sore finger after handing me my chips:rolleyes:
Well! Oil be buttered on both sides, what a simple solution. Dave.
I prefer a good old burger from the fish and chip shop,(or chish and fips chop) as we Aussies call it.
You get all the extras for no added cost. I ordered a salad sandwich last week from a coffee shop in a shopping mall, do you want Beetroot? Tomato? Cheese? says the girl, of course said I, it's salad isn't it. Then she told me they are extra and cost more. What??? .
I know what your talking about Joan. The last time i went away we stopped at a little cafe and ordered Bacon and egg burgers. There was no salad on it:mad:
Apparently i should have stated i wanted a "bacon and egg burger with salad"

What happened to the days when you ordered a burger of some kind that salad was automatically included :confused:

Hope the day never comes when we order a pizza and have to ask for cheese on it :eek:
Its when they ask you if you want jam on it.....old saying here.

Then you know they are narked.

Two weeks back i went into Asda supermarket down south somewhere and decided to get.....THE SEVEN ITEM ONLY BREKKY:biggrin:

I asked for fried bread instead of the dodgy looking tinned mushrooms and was told that i could only have fried bread with the FIVE ITEM BREAKFAST:biggrin:

So i said forget it....give me two bits of fried bread and two eggs please....took her about 15 mins to work out how much i had to pay....so long in fact me eggs had gone hard:rolleyes: