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Takeaway Trouble.


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swindon wilts
When visiting my local Chinese restaurant the other night i ordered the Chicken Suprise.
Being the first time i have ordered it i waited until it arrived with a sense of wonder...when it arrived a little later a little pot with a lid on was presented to me,i lifted the lid up a little and to my horror i saw two little eyes peering back at me....i slammed the lid down and asked the waiter to take it away and replace it with my Chicken Suprise.
No problem he said and came back with the same pot....i lifted the lid and two beady eyes peered back at me again.
With this i lost my temper and called the waiter back and demanded he tell me what was in the pot,he looked at it and then sighed and smiled at me and said....so sorry Mr Ferris....i have been giving you the Peeking Duck by mistake:2fun:

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