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Taking in Lodgers


Well-known member
Hi All,
On the subject of Occupations both my GGran & GGGran took in Lodgers.
In the 1901 Census living in a small terrace house were GGran,GGrandad(A Miner) 4 Kids & 2 Lodgers also Miners. They must have slept in Shifts.
In1891 in the same house were my GGGran GGran then a Cotton Weaver My Gran aged Iyr. & 1 Lodger(No mention of my GGrandad, although they were married in 1889) No idea where he was, (Suggestions Welcome)
Apparently my Gran met my Grandad (Who was Irish) because he was Lodging with her Mother.
As I remember just how small these houses were(My Gran &Grandad lived in the next St.) and in the late 40"s early 50"s I remember my Grandparents still had Gas Mantles (No Electric) Life must have been really really hard.
Happy Hunting Everyone

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