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Taking the leap from Marriage to birth certificate


New member
Hi all, I hope you're all doing great.

I'm currently trying to acquire a copy of my Grandmother's birth certificate... I'm pretty new to this whole 'science' and could use a bit of a head's up.

Using 'findmypast', I've managed to find record entries for her marriage and her death, but making the leap 'backwards' to her birth is a whole other ballgame, mainly due to the holes in my knowledge, and even then, if I have managed to find a record that kinda looks about right, I have no way to corroborate that I'm looking at the right person.

Would anyone mind offering a few general pointers as to how this process is done. Thanks. All the best

Is she in the census or the 1939 register.
What was the name of her father and occupation on the marriage cert. and her age in the marriage.
Do you have a rough idea where or when she was born or lived.
Is she still alive, if not, have you got her death cert, which will usually tell you her date of birth.

Can't really help much with no information.

Hi Mark,
is there an age listed on marriage cert - am presuming you have a fair idea of where she was born/lived... do you have access to Ancestry? if so pop her name in using maiden name, the year she was born off marriage cert - the year Married in marriage box & where beside it then down to father pop his name & then into Spouse pop his name - hit search

If you care to share some details - we could give you a hand to work it out and show you how to go backwards.. everyone has to start somewhere and needs a helping hand to navigate around the web of information out there and how to verify what is yours and not what someone has popped on their tree to fit...