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Tales from WW1 Harry Bullivant


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Harry was born in 1900 in Sheffield. In 1915 he signed up claiming to be 19. Then he quite possibly panicked and went absent without leave till apprehended in Sheffield. He became a driver in the Royal Field Artillery and then was sent to be a saddler where he got promoted to Corporal. By 1916 he was getting into trouble for missing parades, lateness and missing duties. In 1917 they had moved him to the Royal Ordnance Corp. Physical description on enlistment 5ft 8 with 33 inch chest.

Just found his photo. Someone had bought it on Ebay and was trying to find out details. He would be about 15 at the time and to me quite obviously so. They must have known after he went AWOL that he was under-age. Not sure if he went to the front before 1917.

Far as I know he escaped WW1 uninjured but am unsure whether he was involved in much action. He came home to be a diemaker and tool maker and moved to Gloucester.
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