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"Tankies"; Tank Heroes of WW2.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I watched this program last night on BBC4. Many of the film clips I saw in this program I'd seen before in other documentary's of a similar nature.

However, this time I saw a face I recognized from somewhere, but could not put my finger on where. So I looked at my old photos, and came up with one with this chap in. So I rewound the recording of this "Tankie" program and looked again.........lo and behold, stood behind him was my father.:2fun:

This chap who caught my attention was his best mate, during the War and after. The old photo that I had, was an informal group photo of my fathers army unit, which was taken about 2 years previous in North Africa of this documentary, about the "Tankies" in the same battle of El Alamein.

My father in the documentary was about 2 stone lighter, and when he returned home after the war, he was as skinny as a rake(from another photo). That's why I didn't recognize him in the first instant on the TV.

An explanation of this was a conversation I had with my father, as to why he liked his meat at meal times, very well done, almost burnt. His reply was.......' In the Army in Africa, we had to get food where we could, often eating dogs, horses and camel meat, and always well cooked'.......'Water was rationed to about 2 pints a day, and we always ran out, mostly because our vehicles needed it in the radiators.'

My Dad rarely talked about his war, but just a few bits and bobs would come out on very rare occasions.

This bit of film was taken at the time of Winston Churchills visit to El Alamein, just before the battle occurred. Not sure if my Dad shook his hand, but he was smiling at least.

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