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The Allen Family from 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow


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Looking for information about my great great grandfather Patrick Allen born 13 March1869 died 29 July 1939 last know address was 87 Rory O Connor Place Rathdrum County Wicklow Arklow
I presume you have seen his birth and death on irishgenealogy, as you have precise dates and an address. What else do you want to know?
i would like to know where he worked what he did where he got married his wife was called Mary Safford as I cannot seem to find the year he was married. Thank you
Thank you also if it can be found would love to know when my grandfather, William Henry Allen DOB 21 1 1914, left Ireland to come to England and what would have been the procedure when he got to England. Thank you
Name - William H Allen
Gender - Male.
Marital Status . Single.
Birth Date - 21 Jan 1914
Residence - Date 1939 (Register).
Address - 21,Residence Place.
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
Occupation - Public Works Contractor Labourer.

Just turn up in England and get a job. No passport required. Identification would be possibly needed(Birth certificate, possibly), but I doubt you will never know when arrived.

The most common reason for folk going to England was to get work, so they often went when they reached working age. If born in 1914, he might have gone to England any time between 1930 and 1939.

There was a census in Ireland in 1926 which should be released to the public in 2026, so that will tell you if he was still in Ireland then. Likely he was, I’d say.