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the brown family

market harborough
Hi! to all!!!!

this is the first time i have ever posted on this site, so please be gentle with me.

My mam died last April, 23rd, and i miss her like hell, she would of been 100 if she had lived until 7th January 2010, what a shame, eh?

any, i have always wanted to trace her family tree, but dont know where to start. The only bit i know is that my mam's married name was Anne Hannah Pearson, she married Evan back in 1947. She used to live at Pittington, county durham, england. She was called Anne Hannah Atkinson before she was married. Now her mam was called Hannah Brown before she married my grandad, and that is where i am stuck. I would love to trace the family tree of Hannah Brown.

Does anyone have any helpful advice of how to go about this, or better still, if there is anyone out there who knows or knew the family.

Thank you all and i hope to be in touch in the future.

Hi and welcome!

Sorry to hear the sad news about your mum.

Below is the household of your mum in Durham in 1911.

ATKINSON, Ann Hannah 1874 37
ATKINSON, Ann H 1910 1
ATKINSON, Eleanor 1909 2
ATKINSON, Mary V 1902 9
ATKINSON, Matthew B 1901 10
ATKINSON, William T 1906 5
ATKINSON, William Thomas 1873 38

I'll have a look for them in 1901.

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Hi again!

It's a bit difficult trying to find them in 1901! There are several William Atkinsons born about 1873 and living in the Durham area! It would have helped if Matthew had been born before the census was taken, but I don't think he was!

This may be his birth, in the Apr/May/Jun quarter of 1901.

Atkinson Matthew Brown Durham 10a 468

I've also been looking on Freebmd for a possible marriage between William and Ann, but haven't yet found anything definite.

Sorry to hear of your loss. My father died just over a year ago just a month short of his 100th.

re your post
marriage William Thomas Atkinson to Ann Hannah Brown
O/d 1900 Durham ref 10a 646

William T Atkinson 24 Wynyard, Durham
Ann H 27 Pittington, Durham

1891 census
Matthew Atkinson 59 Stone, Chester, Farmer
Mary 62 Kenton, Northumberland
Matthew Henry 27 Belmont, Durham
Mary Elizabeth 21 Wingate, Durham
William Thomas 19 Wynard, Durham
Sarah Hudson 14 Visitor Sunderland
Bessie Hudson 11 Visitor, Sunderland
livinf Pittington, Durham
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Hello again,

Here is Ann's family in 1881. They are living at Elemore Row, Pittington. They are all born in Pittington, except Eleanor, who was born in South Hetton.

RG11 Piece: 4962 Folio: 77 Page: 11

BROWN, Thomas Head Married M 40 1841 Butcher
BROWN, Eleanor V Wife Married F 36 1845
BROWN, Mary E Daughter Single F 11 1870 Scholar
BROWN, Elizth J Daughter Single F 10 1871 Scholar
BROWN, Ann H Daughter Single F 8 1873 Scholar
BROWN, Thomas W Son Single M 3 1878
BROWN, Sarah E Daughter Single F 2 1879


William Atkinson 48 Willington, Durham, Farmer 268 Acres
Mary 51 Gosforth, Northumberland
Matthew H 17, Belmont, Durham
Mary E 11 Wingate
William T 9 Elwick
living Hasking House, Haswell

Matthew Atkinson 38 Brancepeth, Farmer 137 Acres
Mary 41 Kenton
John 16 Stockton
Matthew H 7 Belmont
Edward 4 Belmont
Mary E 1 Whingate

HI,been having a look for you,dont suppose you know hannah browns husbands first name been looking for a marriage for them but no luck so far,and do you know if they married in pittington.have found your mothers birth march 1910 and her marriage listed for april may june 1947 durham central.pittington is a small mining village near durham city,if you go on the durham mining museum website there is quite a lot of info re pittington and you may find that useful as they often give the names of the miners who worked in the pits.if you google pittington there is a lot of info might give you an idea of where to start.the parish church is st laurence and the parish records are held in durham.will see if i can find anything else suex
Matthew 28 Brancepeth Farm Servant
Mary 31 Kenton
Mary 10 Stranton? Durham
Elisabeth 6 Stockton
John 6 Stockton
Matthew M 2 Broomside?
living Burnside West Farm

possible marriage to Mary Hunter A/J 1854 Stockton, ref 10a 53

Hello Shandypop27,
I'm sorry to hear of your loss, I understand what you're going through as I've been there. Lots of luck with your research, everyone on here is friendly and helpful if you have any queries just ask :)

Wow, I just cant believe it!

My gran, Anne Hannah Atkinson died April 1960

My mam, Anne Hannah Atkinson, yes she was called after her mam, was born 7th Feb 1910, but not sure where.

My mam married Evan Pearson May 1947

My grandad died, i think, April 1943, but not sure, William J Atkinson.

That is about all i know.

Does it cost anything to get hold of the info that you have got, if so, then i need to pay you.

once again, thank you so much.

ShandyPop27 xx
We get our reward from knowing how delighted you are.
It doesn't cost us any more than we would pay for our own use, so don't worry. Once you've digested the info, if you have any questions just make another post
Hi ShandyPop,

It didn't cost me a penny! I just love the thrill of the chase and I'm so pleased when I make somebody happy!

;) Josie
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Hi Josie I don't know which site you used for the marriage of William T Atkinson to Ann Hannah, but I used A------y. I agree William is down as 10a 646, and that I put it down as 10a 696. (Just shows never trust anything without checking). I have edited it so it does not cause problems. However there is a problem in that when looking for the spouse, nothing comes up. I therefore I did a search on The G---------t for the qtr Oct/Dec 1900, fortunately I knew the spouse name as Brown. She is listed there ref 1a 646, Durham, so I don't know why she doesnt show on A------y.

Hi Dave,

It was FreeBMD that I used. I don't know whether you are familiar with it, but you can actually view the scans of the GRO index by clicking on the pair of spectacles on the right of the entry. William's page number is quite clearly 646, but I have to admit that Ann's definitely looks like 616. I think I'll add a "postem" to both entries!

Thank you once again you guys, i am so thrilled, i just cannot tell you!!!!

Now, how will i find out when my grandparents were married, date etc, so i can get a copy of the marriage certificate?

Also, sorry to be a pain, but how can i discover when Olive Clayton died? She was my godmother and a good friend and neighbour of my grandparents, i think she came to grans funeral, back in April/may 1960. i know they were both buried in St Laurence's church graveyard, but there is no sign of Olive Clayton being buried there. I spoke to the person in charge of the graveyard last year and he informed me where my grandparents are buried, they dont have a headstone, but there is nothing there or any knowledge of Olive.

Once again, thank you so much. i feel wrapped up in the love of friends.

Thank you once again you guys, i am so thrilled, i just cannot tell you!!!!

Now, how will i find out when my grandparents were married, date etc, so i can get a copy of the marriage certificate?



If you go to this site and register, you will be able to order the certificate online. (It costs £7.)


These are the details you need.

Groom: William Thomas Atkinson
Bride: Ann Hannah Brown
Quarter: Dec 1900
Registration District: Durham
Page: 646

Haven't used the site myself - I usually write to the Manchester Registry Office and enclose a cheque.

Will somebody else please kindly check and make sure I haven't given any duff info to ShandyPop?



PS If you don't want to order online, you can write instead (with all the details) and a cheque for £7 to

The Register Office, Cockton House, 35 Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland, DL14 6HS.
Tel: 01388 607277. Fax: 01388 664388.
E-mail: bishopaucklandregisteroffice@durham.gov.uk
On-line indexes - North East BMD
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Thank you so much, once again. You are such helpful and wonderful people!!!

I am going to send off for a copy of their marriage certificate and then i want to trawl back through the Brown family, which is on my grand mother's side. It would be interesting to discover what their background was. I can remember my mam saying that her mam had been brought up in a household with servants and therefore she never did a days housework in her life, and left it to mam, and her brother and sisters.

Also, i dont know if you can help, but my mam has a note which mentions the fact that she had a brother names Ernest who died when he was about 13/14 but there is no other mention of him anywhere else. I dont know if mam had got this right, but do you know how i can trace his birth, if he at all existed.

Thanks for all of your help, you have all been great.

many thanks and have a great weekend.