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The Crown Hotel, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Asking you experts, who access the newspapers on a regular basis, or anyone else for that matter.:)

Could you find any articles of court records, or any wrong doings, naughty 'goings on', at the Hotel named that would be news worthy. Especially the 1850's, to 1880's please.

Thanks very much.

fmp has 788 articles from 1850-1900 which mention the Crown Hotel but nothing newsworthy, mostly Sales By Auction or meetings of various groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Agriculture etc. It also seemed to be used by the local Coroner for inquests. Thomas Wooton took over the running of the place in 1866.

Can't see any nefarious goings on. It doesn't appear to have been robbed or used as a house of ill repute and no one appears to have been murdered there.

I can only find the same as Emeltee.

Is there anything or anyone in particular you were looking for?

Yes, the fathers of 7 illegitimate children.:eek::2fun:

After watching WDYTYA last night, the episode was about the athlete Jonnie Peacock. His 4xGt Granny had several illegitimate children, and apart from her employment as an ag lab, she was described as a bit of loose woman, who frequented the local pub, where they may have been possible 'clients' for her children. She went to Court to claim money from the father of 2 of her children.(I think). The Pub had a bit of a bad rep.

This reminded me of my own Gt Gt Gt Granny, Elizabeth Allen, b.1831, Princes Risborough, Bucks. (p.o.b varies in census).

I have posted several threads over the years, regarding my 3xGt Granny's 7 children. In the 1871 & 1881 census, she was a servant in the Crown Hotel. 4 of her children were born, from 1863 to 1871 in Aylesbury, and were of the Workhouse on their birth certs and baptisms at St Mary's, in Aylesbury.

Eliza Allen. 1863.
Emily Allen. 1865.
Louisa Allen. 1867.
Mary Allen. Aug 1871.

She had 3 other children born/registered elsewhere, but 2 of those were baptised at St Mary's in Aylesbury, 'of The Workhouse'. The 3rd was baptised @ Monks Risborough, Bucks in 1864, aged 9 years old.
I was just wondering if she did the same thing as Jonnie Peacocks relative.:rolleyes:

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