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The Elliott's/Clarke's!

Right, just trying to see how far FORWARDS I can come with these relations of mine, and possibly see if I've got any living relations I didn't know about. But, any data from the 1891/1901/1911 census's on any of these individuals would be great. You're welcome to just pick which of these individuals you think would be easiest to research, and I'm sorry, I have no further info than I have just given you.

As a note, I'm only 16 years old and have no way of paying for this hobby, just to let you know.

-Believe this census was taken when they were living in Garnant, Bettws, Carmarthen
This is an 1881 census result, so the birthdates can be worked out accordingly.

Robert Elliott 13 Carmarthen
John Elliott 11 Carmarthen
Samuel Elliott 8 Swansea (can't confirm he was born in Swansea, his dad was called Samuel and born in swansea though, might have got confused :p)
David Elliott 4 Abergavenny
William Elliott C 2 Abergavenny

-1881 census result, living in Diamond Street, Cardiff

Ernest E. Clarke 1 Cardiff
Arthur John Clarke 13 Lambeth, London

P.S, anything on "ELLIOTT, Samuel Son Single M 18 1893 Tramway Car Cleaner Glamorgan Cardiff " who was living in Railway street, Cardiff, at the time of the 1911 census would be great, I know this doesn't fit in with the rest of the people I've asked for, so it's cool if you can't provide any information.

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From 1911 Charlie:

ELLIOTT, Thomas Head Married 46 Railway Loco Driver born Glamorgan Swansea
ELLIOTT, Alice Wife Married 20 years 45 born London Lambeth
ELLIOTT, Eveline Daughter 19 born Glamorgan Cardiff
ELLIOTT, Samuel Son 18 Tramway Car Cleaner born Glamorgan Cardiff
ELLIOTT, Maud Daughter 15 Tailoress born Glamorgan Cardiff
ELLIOTT, Amelia Daughter 13 School born Glamorgan Cardiff
ELLIOTT, Alice Daughter 11 School born Glamorgan Cardiff
ELLIOTT, Arthur Son 9 School born Glamorgan Cardiff
ELLIOTT, Beatrice Daughter 6 School born Glamorgan Cardiff

RG14 Piece:32091
Reference:RG14PN32091 RG78PN1845 RD588 SD2 ED24 SN21
Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:East Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:24 Parish:Cardiff
Address:164 Railway Street Cardiff County:Glamorganshire

Good luck with your searches :)
Samuel Elliott born Swansea in 1891:-

ELLIOTT, Mary Widow 57 Supported By Son born Llangennech
ELLIOTT, Samuel Son 18 Engine Cleaner born Swansea Glamorganshire
ELLIOTT, William C Son 12 1879 born Abergavenny Monmouthshire

RG12 Piece:4347 Folio:8 Page:9
Registration District:Abergavenny Sub District:Abergavenny EnumerationDistrict:1 Ecclesiastical Parish:Abergavenny
Civil Parish:Abergavenny
Address:52, St Helens Road, Abergavenny County:Monmouthshire
Samuel Elliott in 1901

ELLIOTT, Mary Head Widow 67 born Llangenech Carmarthenshire
ELLIOTT, Mary A Daughter 32 born Carnant Carmarthenshire
ELLIOTT, Samuel Son 28 Coal Hewer born Swansea Glamorganshire
ELLIOTT, Elsie Niece 5 born Bristol Gloucestershire
ROLANDS, Walter Boarder 19 Grocers Shop Assistant born Hereford

RG13 Piece:4939 Folio:21 Page:33
Registration District:Bedwelty Sub District:Tredegar EnumerationDistrict:17 Ecclesiastical Parish:New Tredegar St Dingat
Civil Parish:Bedwelty
Address:22, George Street, Bedwelty, New Tredegar County:Monmouthshire
Samuel Elliott born 1873 in 1911:-

ELLIOTT, Samuel Head Married 38 Collier Hewer born Swansea
ELLIOTT, Mary Ann Wife Married 9 years 28 born New Tredegar Mon
ELLIOTT, Mary Elydrith Daughter 8 born Treharris Mon
ELLIOTT, Samuel Son 7 born Treharris Mon
ELLIOTT, Harriet Francis Daughter 4 born New Tredegar Mon
ELLIOTT, Edward Son 1 born New Tredegar Mon

RG14 Piece:31879
RG14PN31879 RG78PN1833 RD585 SD2 ED32 SN223
Registration District:Bedwellty Sub District:Tredegar EnumerationDistrict:32 Parish:Bedwellty
Address: Queens Road County:Monmouthshire
My bad, thought you meant he was born in 1901, not a census result from 1901! Thanks for the help woodlander, much appreciated. There is starting to become a very large and confusing amounts of Samuels!

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Sorry to cause confusion Charlie!
Here are Robert and David in 1891:-

PRICE, Thomas Head Married 63 Coal Miner born Monmouthshire
PRICE, Maria Wife 64 born Brecknockshire
EVANT, Evan Boarder 18 Haulier born Monmouthshire
ELLIOTT, Robert Boarder Single 25 Coal Miner born Carmarthenshire
ELLIOTT, David Boarder 14 Coal Miner born Denbighshire
JONES, David Boarder Single 20 Coal Miner born Glamorganshire
MATTHEWS, Mary Servant 12 General Servant born Glamorganshire

RG number:RG12 Piece:4357 Folio:64 Page:51
Registration District:Bedwellty Sub District:Tredegar EnumerationDistrict:18 Ecclesiastical Parish:Bedwellty
Civil Parish:Bedwellty Municipal Borough:
Address:James Street, Bedwellty, New Tredegar County:Monmouthshire

I didn't find a John in 1891 to "fit"
Here are the Clarkes:-

CLARKE, John Head Married 52 Stationary Engine Driver born Northampton Deans Ponge
CLARKE, Emma Wife 52 born Calneston Buckinghamshire
CLARKE, Arthur J Son 23 Locomotive Engine Cleaner born Battersea Surrey
CLARKE, Earnest E Son 10 Scholar born Cardiff Glamorganshire
CLARKE, Eveline E Daughter 8 Scholar born Cardiff Glamorganshire
BAILEY, William F Boarder 21 Locomotive Fireman born Herefordshire

RG12 Piece:4388 Folio:32 Page:56
Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:10 Ecclesiastical Parish:St Germans
Civil Parish:Roath Municipal Borough:Cardiff
Address:18, Diamond Street, Roath, Cardiff County:Glamorganshire
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Ernest E Clarke in 1901:-

CLARKE, John Head Married 62 Stationary Engine Driver born Deanshanger Northamptonshire
CLARKE, Emma Wife 62 born Calverton Berkshire
CLARKE, Ernest E Son Single 20 Postman born Cardiff Glamorganshire
CLARKE, Eneline A Daughter Single 18 Music Teacher born Cardiff
BEAVIS, George B Boarder Single 26 Postman born Creckhowell

RG13 Piece:4980 Folio:102 Page:57
Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:Central Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:21 Ecclesiastical Parish:All Saints Civil Parish:St Mary
Address:8, Adamsdown Square, St Mary County:Glamorganshire

I haven't found an Arthur J that I can be sure of.

Here's Ernest E in 1911:-

CLARKE, Ernest Edwin Head Married 30 Town Postman born Glamorgan Cardiff
CLARKE, Mabel Agnes Wife Married 5 years 26 born Glamorgan Cardiff
CLARKE, John Son 4 born Glamorgan Cardiff
HILLMAN, Charles Richard Brother In Law Single 21 Warehouseman born Glamorgan Cardiff

RG14 Piece:32100
RG14PN32100 RG78PN1846 RD588 SD3 ED1 SN71

Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:Central Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:1 Parish:Cardiff
Address:64 Manor St Cardiff County:Glamorganshire
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This is the only/most likely William Elliott in 1901:-

HUGHES, Thomas Head Married 27 Coal Hewer born Rhymney Monmouthshire
HUGHES, Margaret Wife 25 Rhymney Monmouthshire
HUGHES, John Son 5 born Rhymney Monmouthshire
HUGHES, Esther V Daughter 4 born Rhymney Monmouthshire
ELLIOTT, William Boarder Single 19 Coal Hewer born Swansea
WHATLEY, Walter Boarder Single 18 Coal Hewer born Trowbridge Wiltshire

RG13 Piece:4942 Folio:29 Page:12
Registration District:Bedwelty Sub District:Tredegar EnumerationDistrict:36 Ecclesiastical Parish:Rhymney St Mary
Civil Parish:Rhymney
Address:19, Jenkins Row, Rhymney, Town County:Monmouthshire

Robert Elliott (and another Samuel for you) in 1901:-

ELLIOTT, Robert Head Married 32 Coal Miner Hewer born Garnant
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Wife 25 born New Tredegar Monmouthshire
ELLIOTT, Samuel Jas Son 5 born Brithdir Glamorganshire
ELLIOTT, Mary Jane Daughter 4 born New TredegarMonmouthshire
ELLIOTT, Robert Jno Son 1 born New Tredegar Monmouthshire
JAMES, John Boarder Widower 65 Coal Painter Above ground born Llanelly
DAVIES, William Boarder Single 32 Builder's Haulier born Hereford
GOSLING, Ernest Boarder Single 30 Coal Haulier Belowground born Allen
MACK, Elizabeth Visitor Widow 25 born Dowlais Glamorganshire

RG13 Piece:4942 Folio:91 Page:4
Registration District:Bedwelty Sub District:Tredegar EnumerationDistrict:40 Ecclesiastical Parish:New Tredegar St Dingat
Civil Parish:Bedwelty
Address:19, Queens Road, Bedwelty County:Monmouthshire
Robert Elliott and family in 1911:-

ELLIOTT, Robert Head Married M 42 Collier Coal Mine Hewer born Garnant Carmarthenshire
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Wife Married 16 years 36 born New Tredegar Mon
ELLIOTT, Rachel Daughter 6 born New Tredegar Mon
ELLIOTT, Samuel James Son 15 born Brthdir Glam
ELLIOTT, Robert John Son 11 born New Tredegar Mon
ELLIOTT, Mary Jane Daughter 14 born New Tredegar Mon
WILLIAMS, John Robinson Boarder Single 50 Colliery Underground Hewer born Dowlais Glam
CROSS, George William Boarder Single 27 Colliery Hewer born Titlery Mon
PHIPSON, William George Boarder Single 50 Colliery Labourer born Lye Staffs

RG14 Piece:31879
Reference:RG14PN31879 RG78PN1833 RD585 SD2 ED32 SN241
Registration District:Bedwellty Sub District:Tredegar EnumerationDistrict:32 Parish:Bedwellty
Address:19 Queens Road County:Monmouthshire

Possibly William in 1911:-

ELLIOTT, William Head Married 32 Coal Miner Hewer born Mon Abergervenny
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Wife Married 6 years 28 born Mon New Tredegar
ELLIOTT, Alexander Son 5 born Mon New Tredegar
JONES, William Boarder Single 21 Coal Miner Haulier born Glam Tirphil
SMITH, Frederick Boarder Single 19 Coal Miner Hewer born London Paddington

RG14 Piece:32416
Reference:RG14PN32416 RG78PN1854 RD590 SD1 ED15 SN10
Registration District:Merthyr Tydfil Sub District:Gelligaer EnumerationDistrict:15 Parish:Gelligaer
Address:2 Bristol Terrace Bargoed County:Glamorganshire
You've been a great help Woodlander, it seems we were very much into the coal mining industry, and it's been intriguing to see that there are most probably many Elliott's around, possibly still living in Wales, who are related to me.

I have just two more questions - is there any information on David Elliott in 1911, and also, in one of them, you listed Elsie Elliott as a Niece... do you know much about her parents??

In 1881 the family is thus
Samuel 50 Swansea, rlwy train driver
Mary 47 llanelly
Mary 14 Carmarthen
Robert 13 Carmarthen
John 11 Carmarthen
Samuel 8 Swansea
David 4 Abergavenny
William C 2 Abergavenny

Whos daughter could Elsie possible be?
I didn't find David, or a likely match.
This is a possibility for Elsie but only that. There is at least another of similar age born Bristol.You're only going to go so far with guesswork and coincidence of names/places on census etc. without proving by certificate sometimes or parish registers. It's so easy to go off on the wrong track. I realise you're restricted financially and that's difficult but no point barking up the wrong tree!

WOODS, Richard Head Married 25 Licensed Victualer born Bristol Gloucester
WOODS, Edith Wife Married 4 years 26 Assisting In The Business born Bristol Gloucester
WOODS, Hilda Daughter 3 born Bristol Gloucester
WOODS, Olive Daughter 2 born Bristol Gloucester
WOODS, Francis Son 0 (8 MONTHS) born Bristol Gloucester
ELLIOTT, Elsie Servant Single 16 Servant Barmaid born Bristol Gloucester

RG14 Piece:14841
Reference:RG14PN14841 RG78PN901 RD319 SD1 ED16 SN141

Registration District:Bristol Sub District:Clifton EnumerationDistrict:16 Parish:Bristol
Address:6 Dowry Place Hotwells Bristol County:Gloucestershire