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The elusive Olive May Farmer

When I first started doing genealogy in about 2004 I managed to get a lot of info from LDS site ...that info does not seem to be there now. I did however have the forsight (which is amazing for me lol) to print details out including family links. It gave me Olive May Farmer as the daughter Sarah Jane Farmer and Richard Henry Farmer.

I have come across and Birth for an Olive May Farmer in 1922 this same Olive May died in 1979 (not sure of the details of hand can't find where I put them on my comp..and for a geek that's bad! I'm getting old!) I do remember the birth month matching up with the Olive May born in 1922 but..Richard Henry Farmer died in 1920.

Before buying a birth cert I want to double check if this is a child Sarah had from a separate relationship (she would have been widowed by then Richard died in 1920 and Daisy would have been the only adult child and my great nan was dead already...Daisy might have also already been married..not looking at details right now... under the name snape..but thats a different track) or if she is a different child altogether as there were 2 Sarah Jane farmers in the same area and two Olive Mays.

Now there is an Olive May on the 1911 census in a TB hospital..TB s what my great nan died of my great nan being Olive mays sister. If I could find an address which puts Olive May Farmer with Sarah Jane and Richard Henry in the same place it would help confirm if the Olive May with TB is the same one...if not I will just have to chance it and buy the birth cert for Olive may born in 1922 (which I believe has more of a chance of being 'my' Olive May.

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