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The Face On The Wall.


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swindon wilts
The last two couple of days has seen me do daily runs to The Valleys in South Wales...Rhonda and Ferndale then a stunning trip down the valleys to Pyle near Bridgend to pick up a backload to Swindon.
Two stunning days with a nip in the air but clear skies and a little warm sunshine has shown the Town and Villages in this part of the Principality at there best...a privelidge to see in fact.

Anyway i digress....on reaching the little Town of Pyle near Bridgend i stopped in a pub(for a soft drink and food)...it is called the Old Wine house and is a very ancient building by the looks and while relaxing i notice a face peering back at me....of course he had to be a Rugby player and came from the local Kenfig Rugby club just up the road from Pyle...where his picture is tucked away in a dimly lit corner....no doubt at one point this picture was pride of place in the local and as the years has passed on it has probably been moved to this corner.
On doing a little research i found this on Wiki(below)


This man would have been a superstar in his time in his local area.......could someone maybe check for me if he served in World War Two?
He lived to a fair age and no doubt he counted his blessings that he was doing what every Welshman dreams of...play Rugby for his country.
And not spend it under ground......so the face on the wall came to life for me today.

Above is Ned second left on the top row.....in his Police days,seems he was in the force a good while.....and you as a criminal or young no it all you would'nt have messed with him methinks!

Any more info would be good.

All the best to you all.

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