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The fright of our lives!!


Loyal Member
Our home has 5 acres of government land at the back of it and it was a great area for the local kids to gather and ride their bikes. Our son would bring his little treasures home that he had found while he was riding there. Old tin buttons, pocket knives, spoons etc. He had carted so much stuff home that we had a box to put it all into. Anyway one day he come home and announced he had found a bomb. Worse to come was that he had carried it home and it was on our back verandah!!! We ventured to the back door and opened it a crack and had a look. As if the back door was going to save us it the jolly thing went off!! We didnt know what to do with a bomb so we rang the cops. The cops arrived and had one look and then rang the bomb disposal unit at the army. The cops desribed it to them and the disposal unit said "Yes it does sound suspicious, we cant get there today, just put it in their back shed and we will be there first thing in the morning"
Now i didnt like that, but they had no where else to put it as it couldnt be moved a lot until it had been checked out so into the shed it went. We jumped at every little sound that night and it was a long long night. I loved seeing the sun the next day! We hadnt been up long when we heard all this commotion and we ventured out side. We had 2 police cars, and 2 army cars out the front. Everybody come out of there houses to see what was happening, best bit of excitment they had for ages and it was the best laugh the army disposal unit had for ages as well. You see our "Bomb" was infact a counter weight from a railway carriage from 1907. It had been written on one side of it!!! obviously not the side we saw.The son was banned from bringing home anymore little treasures.

In all seriousness it could have been very dangerous, my son carrying it ect and i have to give them bomb disposal units alot of praise as they do a terrific job. Before they left they took the time to explain to my son the dangers connected with it all.


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