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The joys of Parish Records


Loyal Member
dovercourt but born Enfield
Today I'm trudging through the Essex Parish Registers and thinking whoever wrote their website has never had to look at loads of records!:mad:

Whenever you want to look at a parish you have to select the first initial of the parish, OK the page then jumps and you have to use the mouse to get to the page bottom:(
You then select the correct parish, page now jumps again:(
so you use mouse to get to bottom of page to select the Church etc.
The page then jumps and you again use mouse to scroll to page bottom to select relevant register - have small break then continue - you are then presented with small image that is completely unreadable then click on 'Enhance this image(requires subscription) page then jumps to large image.:cautious:
You trawl around this image - nothing of use - use mouse to go to top left of page to select next image!
This continues until right wrist is to tired to continue and you log out!

Do these people never use what they are offering:mad:

Still haven't found what I'm looking for!

Sore wrist Peter

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