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The long Story....in short.


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swindon wilts
The man stood in the Rolleston Arms........it was his usual ritual having a few beers to quell the stress and humdrum in his short life....going no where at 25 years old he felt older.
Looking across the bar he saw someone who made his heart skip...a slim looking girl with a lovely smile and a kind of not really wanting to be in the pub look.
The man said hello to her as he knew this girls friend and a date was arranged for the following Saturday at a fancy dress party ware the girl looked lovely in the clowns suit...........it was the young man who was the clown in reality.
Time went on and they struck up a strong relationship and the young man became a stepfather to a couple of very young children a boy and a girl.
After a whirlwind romance the young man tied the knot and in a modern way another young girl was born soon.
As the years rolled it became apparent this relationship couldnt last......gambling problems reeked havoc on the relationship and general day to day life was hard for the man to adjust to.
After a good many years it was crunch time and with three lovely kids blooming the man had to dig deep or it was history for the relationship......they both dug very deep.
The man stopped gambling many years back and the three children are now fully fledged adults all with children for the man to be proud of.
He is also so proud of his wife......and why not as this Wednesday will see them celebrating 25 years of marriage........3rd October 1987 to 3rd October 2012.
I have never been so happy in my life....here is to another 25 years Donnami.:):):)

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