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The Medic.....A Short Story.


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swindon wilts
Barry felt the point of the pencil jab in his back...it hurt but he was used to it,school was part of the ritualistic bullying that plagued him....Melanie allowed him a sympathetic smile...Melanie was one of the few friends Barry had and he treasured her smile and look of sympathy flashed in his direction.
He was madly in awe of Melanie and the smell of her sweet perfume was a monday morning treat.
The laughing died down and Barry listened to Chistopher Jenks running him down...how he would love to turn round and belt him,just to get a flashing smile from Melanie..a knowing look of mutual young love.
Christopher Jenks loved to ridicule Barry,it was his main goal in life and with Barry having a hair lip he was easy prey.The countless operations had helped Barrys cause and in fact he was a handsome young man and now in his mid teens the girls was begining to notice this lad who was a brilliant sportsmen and good at all subjects....Jenks didn't like this and his constant harassing of Barry Tucker would have sent many running for cover,but Barry was used to it...his hair lip from berth made it that he was always a prime candidate for the likes of Jenks and his mob.
The strange thing was that when on there own Barry and Christopher Jenks seemed to get on,but alas the home life of Jenks wasnt one to lending itself to friendship and love...and the mental abuse was constant when Jenks was with his cronies.
An acrid black smoke was in the foggy air,a silence except for an owl hooting and the sound of a wheelspin coming to an end...in side the upside down car a human was fighting for life...blocked airways and putrid black poisonous fumes stung the eyes....in his thirties now and a succesfull sales career behind him Christopher Jenks had found that black ice and it now seemed to be spinning him into eternal oblivion.
The battered car on its back was an eerie sight that met the medic on his powerfull bike,this dosn't look good he thought as he went into life saving mode.
Christopher Jenks lay trapped and now he was having flashbacks,he had stopped struggling to get out,his legs were like lead and he felt the blood on his face getting hard...please dont let me burn he whispered and tears of woe mixed with tears from stinging eyes.
He thought of his wife...the lady who had transformed his life after he was released from the Young Offenders Institute,then the heavy slaps from his drunken father...the bitter dad who had tought young Jenks how to hate..turned him from a young man full of anger and hell bent on ruining his own life and others...to a loving father,a father to ten year old twin girls,he saw there faces begging him to stand up,he saw there pigtails and girly smiles demanding him to walk.
Jenks passed out for a few seconds..is this death upon me,i can't feel any pain and the images of the girls faded and a new image appeared in front of his eyes..a man with piercing blue eyes and blonde hair swept back talked to him...stay with me said the medic and the adonis of a man...his lifesaver wiped the blood from his face and smiled a smile he had seen a thousand times before...the lips that he had tormented were speaking gently to him,reasuring him....my name is Barry and you will be fine said the medic and he continued with his work.
Christopher Jenks looked up and though his head was banging and his thoughts scrambled he wanted to tell the medic he was sorry.....but then he was gone again into a blackness.
Three months later and Christopher Jenks walked up the pathway of the small cottage,daffodills and crocus plants greeted him...it was time to say thankyou to the medic....this man with the faint line of a hairlip had saved his life,the twin girls and loving wife were eternally gratefull.
As the door opened Christopher Jenks remembered the girls face....he hadn't really noticed it in the classroom but he noticed it's simple beauty today.
As Jenks thanked them both he told them how gratefull and sorry he was for the past,he cried now nearly fully recovered he went onto explain to Barry Tucker that all that remained was for an operation...an operation to repair his top lip that was nearly ripped off in the crash..a small piece of skin hung ware once his lip was....would Barry make comment,would he vent past frustrations onto him,he noticed Melanie look at Barry and the way looked at each other with mutual contentness on there faces....Barry Tucker looked at Christopher Jenks and took his hands and said
You know what Jenks.....i hadnt even noticed.

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