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The National Archives


Active member
I went up to the National Archive today.......how unhelpful were they? very!.....they dont hold much info on naval records.....they done the same thing to me as they done last time.....pointed me to a computer....which i could and have done at home and drew a blank!
After 3 hours of trawling thru their website and finding nothing....another member of staff told me that the first person i spoke to for help could have pointed me in the direction of ordering up the ship's log ...... by the time i eventually got the ships log (which wasn't useful for what i was looking for) i only had 20 minutes to look at it! wasted a whole day and came back with nothing :(
I was then told to try the London Met Archives......disappointed beyond disappointed!
I then asked what records they held on people in workhouses.....apparently not much......just government ruling and laws for poor houses and nothing that have help me anyway.....and again, i was pointed in the direction of the London Met Archive!
Everything you read basically points you in the direction of the National Archives....but when you get there....they tell you they dont have it and its held somewhere like timbuktu! then point to a computer which i can do at home as i have subscriptions..... unhelpful unhelpful unhelpful
Bring back paperwork and log books!

<removes moaning head> evening all :)

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