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The Royal West Surrey Regiment.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I have found the Army pension records for Frederick William Jarvis c1867. Princes Risborough.
Got his wife and fathers name from them, but I cannot read when he was discharged.......it's there, but my poor old eyes can't read it.

Frederick William Jarvis
abt 1867
Age at enlistment: 18
Born -Princes Risboro, Bucks.
Doc Year-1885
Reg. No.1547
The Royal West Surrey Regiment

Could SKS have a peek for me please.


Hi Steve
I'll post the record. I'm not sure if you can read it.
If you save it, you may be able to enlarge it.

Possibly Leslie James Steve - usually its Leslie male and Lesley female; it changes according to gender as in Francis and Frances.
Agree with Frederick George :)

Not located them in registrations
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I saw a couple of possibles Woody, but they were in West Ham, but mothers maiden name didn't match, unless he married again.:eek:

I did try and look for a marriage, but drew a blank.

Soz Steve that you couldn't read my post.
Would you pm me with email addie and I can sent it to you as an attachment?

Birth rego Frederick G Jarvis West Ham maiden name Weaver
4a 130 March qtr 1913.

Leslie J maiden Weaver
West Ham sep qtr 1915.

Maude M E Weaver is 28 in the census taken after 1901 in West Ham
with Laura M B Weaver 25
Both in Spitalfields in 1901 with their mother

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Hi Steve :)
I've tried to do something with the docco for Fredk that you can't read with
no luck.
What I have done is sent to you from Anc#.
It will probably look the same however you will at least have a copy of the original which you could doctor up yourself.
To list details for census 10yrs after 1901 will cost my subs..