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Hi all,

As in a previous thread, I'm on the hunt for the Saundersons.

Richard (1835-1881) and Alexander (1838-1887) along with sister Mary, emigrated to Australia in 1863 and 1864. Both men were with RIC and became policemen in NSW and NZ.

I'm trying to find their parents...Alexander Saunderson and Elizabeth nee GRAHAM. Alexander is in Griffiths Valuation in Blackraw, Parish of Drumsnat in Co Monagahan.
I returned to familysearch last night after remembering they have updated. There I found the marriages of Richard and Alexander, to my delight :)

What was amazing though...I think I found their mother, Elizabeth Graham!!!

spouse: Elizabeth Graham Sanderson

name: Elizabeth Graham Sanderson
gender: Female
burial place: Buffalo, Marq. Co., Wis.
death date: 1902
death place: Buffalo, Marquette, Wisconsin
age: 89
birth date: 1865 ( should be 1813)
birthplace: Moneghan, Ireland
race: White
marital status: Widowed
spouse's name: Alexander Sanderson
father's name: Richard Graham
father's birthplace: County Moneghan, Ireland
mother's name: E. Pogne
mother's birthplace: County Moneghan, Ireland
indexing project (batch) number: B06535-1

Barring a couple of spelling mistakes and date of birth error...I think I found her ...does anyone agree, and can we find her travel to the US??
I think the DOB of 1865 could be immigration????

Gail :D