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The Storm of Christmas Eve 2013

Hi Everyone.

I hope you have all weathered this storm.

I've got a 60' plus pine tree lying ing my garden, which has crashed through the fence at the botom of my garden, and smashed next doors wishing well! :2fun:

The guy next door is 5 short of a 6 pack, so I guess he will be going bonkers! You see the guy loves his garden, well love is not really the right word. I mean how many people clean the stones in their driveway, and prune bushes with sissors? And, this morning, he has a very large chunk of pine tree, which has splattered his beloved garden to bits!

And who sayes there isn't a Father Christmas? >:D

Happy Christmas on and all!
At least there is still goodwill to all men at this time! :rolleyes: I'd be chopping it up and selling it to those who have log burners before anyone else starts!
Part of the town was flooded including the carpark of a local supermarket where in places the water was eight feet deep. Plans have been submitted to build a new shopping centre on this site. :eek:

Jay, that has brought back a memory. In Wellingborough, there was an area that flooded every year without any of the weather we've just experienced. This land was bought by Tesco and they spent huge amounts to ensure that it was drained and capable of being built on. As we all know, water has to find a route and in my humble opinion, after the construction had finished, the local river levels increased every year, surprise, surprise!:rolleyes: