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The White Feather.


Loyal Member
swindon wilts

This subject has always fascinated me..also made me incredibly angry when ive heard accounts of the people shot by your own peers.
306 men shot for being scared or ill...the irony is if a german soldier deserted and was caught by us they were treated fairly in the main.
Bad enough to be executed for cowardice but it was usually carried out by the men you faught with...also the familys of these poor men ended up in a worse situation as well...often being sent white feathers through the post..which is a sign of cowardice.
The stigma must have been unbarable and of course the family didnt get the poor soldiers pension or widows benifit.
Campaigners finaly got all the men a posthumus pardon in 2006...90 years on.
To think we actually shot our own men in warfare less than one hundred years ago beggars belief.

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