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The Young Boy.


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swindon wilts
Blonde curls bouncing as she ran the little girl looked horrified as the donkey ran towards her,the young boy though only three years old himself ran towards the mule,scared for his sister he just managed to head off the crazy beast..the mule seemed to think it was great fun,this was the young boys first memory in life.
The great rambling house he lived in was home though there was a feeling deep down that all was not well,even at that young age..his sister was his main concern and he was fiercely protective of her..she always seemed sad,always looked lonely but the young boy was only a novice in life himself,natural protectiveness was all he knew at the present time.
Getting up early to collect the eggs from the hens was his job,the smell of hops from the local brewery was always prominent in the air.
The young boy was dressed in his best clothes holding the hand of his sister,she was sobbing again..why was she always sad..why did she never smile,she had such a pretty face.
As the big black car pulled into the long drive the young boy walked solemnly towards it vaguely aware that he wouldn't be seeing his hens again..the smell hops was still in his nostrils as the black car took him away...to his destiny.
Years later and the young boy was stood before the man in front of him and lashed out,his sister was crying again,still no smile and the young boy had seen enough..anger in his eyes and fire in his belly had risen to a new level,the red marks on his sisters legs were the final straw...the young boys teeth sunk deep into the mans legs and the young boy was in a place he was to visit many times in later life...a place of red mist anger and most sadly of all to him loneliness.
Again the young boy waited for that car and yes it was black again,this time though he was more eager to get in it,he looked at his sister and the pretty face was still sad.
The young boy was in a rambling house again,strangers smiled at him and as the young boy looked into the log fire a warmth was within as well as the warm glow on his face.
A slow hot summer went by and the the young boy was growing up,learning and was so happy that his sister was smiling at long last..but the young boy knew it would not last,but while it did he savioured it..embraced it..loved it.
Happiness is a feeling the young boy grasped for,nothing else mattered and as the young boy got older grasping at happiness was to become a way of life.
Again the car came and as the young boy got into it he saw his sisters face again,this time the young boy didn't feel so young,he was growing up but deep down the young boy was still within.
Another rambling house and the young boy learned to accept his fate though always he had a feeling of loneliness he tried to be happy,people tried there best to make him feel happy,sometimes great elation turned to great despair in a matter of seconds,his sister rarely had a smile but the young boy was so happy when one did appear on her face.
The young boy learned to realise that life was full of ups and downs and these days the young boy is happy,he still feels good when his little sister smiles,he feels happy when his children and grandchildren are happy.
The young boy likes everyone to be happy to him sadness is a sin and though he realises that sadness is a fact of life for everyone he rebels against it.
Oh that young boy has a story to tell and like ever person on this earth it is worth listening to,everyone's story is full of sadness and joy.
The older man now often smiles now when remembering the young boy which is not suprising..because that young boy is still alive and well with a glow of the happiness of life;);)

Regards to you all.
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