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One of my pet hates is accepting information without clarifying it goes with your tree, but I have reached a point where I either go with what I have or shut up shop on this forever and just have to ask your opinions!
The name is Thilwind (sleepness nights and grring at census transcriptions) and having found every variation on the theme from Skylevind to Thelboind, I have just about managed to get every census following this lot back to 1841.
Here I have John Thilwind married to Alice Durdham in Prescot Lancs and I know they married in 1836 at St Wilfred in Farnworth, nr Prescot (too soon for marriage certificate so now at dead end on that). In the 1841 Census they were living in Ecclestone.
In 1837 another John (age 55), this time spelt Thelwin :mad: died in Eccleston, so this could be our John's father.
From this point I have searched the entire country and found that there is a definate Thrilwind/Thirlwind (and all variations on the spelling theme) tribe living around the same area, mainly getting married and being buried at St Mary the Virgin in Prescot.
I have tried linking as much of this family through the marriages and burials and there is a definate pattern and they are all in the right area for it to go with ours.
(Sorry about the length of this but trying to give as much info to make sense of it all).
When searching the census however, there are two Thilwind families. Our lot and another lot that we cant link together but seem inevitably to go together as there arent any others in the whole of the UK :eek:
Head of family is Francis b 1816, his fathers name was John according to his marriage. Our John b 1813 had a daughter that he named Francis. There is also a Catherine Thilwind who was born around 1814 who married in 1834.
There are numerous other tenuous links that I cant substantiate but can say a really big maybe about. Any ideas on how I could go about this? Would you go for it or sit back and hope one day the big Thilwind in the sky will drop down and let us know the answer?
I really would appreciate any opinions on this one as I have been rolling it around my immediate family so long they are fed up with me talking about it:2fun: