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Things you dont expect to find


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Robin Hood County
I've been loooking to see what happened to a distant rellie Agnes Cubbage. Agnes mum Agnes nee Holmes died abt 1900 and my gt gt uncle remarried by 1901. I've never found James and Agnes marriage but at one time James was in the Army, so assumed it may have been under the army marriages. When the Irish 1901/1911 census came online I thought I'ld have a look, as far as I know no Irish. For some reason I when looking at different records I always put the name Cubbage in 1st and see whats comes up. Well a John James Cubbage came up for 1911 and 1901 county Fermanagh, grandson of a Holmes family. Tonight I found three military records on FMP, for my gt gt grandad and his 2 sons James and John. James's record showed that he had been in Ireland and one of the places was Enniskillen. Then I went onto the Irish Family Federation and a marriage came up for a Agnes Holmes and also a James Cubbage year 1896, so I think I've found James marriage :) . Whether the family were aware of young John I dont know, wonder why he was left in Ireland. Still looking for young Agnes.
Hi Julie,
I'm John's (Jack's) grandson from Northern Ireland. John was left behind to be brought up by his maternal grandparents (Holmes) in Belfast. He became a brass worker which I think is what his dad did. He died in 1981 at a ripe old age had a long happy marriage to Madge and two children William (Alexander), my dad and Agnes (Oonagh). We don't know much about the Plumstead family, so if you could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.
kind regards
Hi Garth,

I've just posted on your visitor message. I didnt mention Ireland until I had posted, but somehow I had a feeling about John James Cubbage. His father James was my gt grandad Philip Cubbage's brother.
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Hi Gareth,

I still need to go through the Cubbage line. James Cubbage's parents are Philip (born 1839) and Ann Cubbage (nee Allen). Philips parents are Philip (born abt 1804) and Ann (nee Parker). The name Philip carried on from the Philip born 1839 always the first born son, if they didnt survive the 2nd born was called Philip. James was married 3 times, firstly as you know to Agnes Holmes, secondly to Rose Deadman 1901. Rose died in 1929 and James married the 3rd time to Elizabeth Taberman. Elizabeth died in 1935 and James 1939.

James siblings are:-

Philip born 1862 married Emily Louisa Robinson
John born 1870 married Rose Weekes (emigrated to Canada)
Edward Mathew born 1883 married Kate Rope (emigrated to Perth Western Australia)
William Charles born 1877 married Rose Elizabeth Hayes (also emigrated to Perth)
Louisa born 1869 married John Lewis (also emigrated to Perth)
Mary Jane born 1867 died 1887 in child birth son Samuel died a few months later
Alfred Samuel born 1880 married Rebecca Alice Lyons
Albert George born 1882 married Beatrice Randall
Ann Lydia born 1861 died 1862
Ann born born 1879 died 1879
Another possible child Charles Edward born 1864 died 1866
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Hi Gareth,

Children of James Cubbage and Rose up until 1911. Couldn't find any more after 1911.

Helena Dorothy born 1901 - married William A Leonard - Woolwich - 1930
Lilian Alice M born 1903 - married George Wisdom - Woolwich 1926
Henry James 1906 - married - Violet Evered - Woolwich - 1929 - Died 1983
Albert Philip born 1908 - married Violet E Glazier - Greenwich - 1936 - Died 1978
Edward Beaconsfield born 1910 - married Alice C A Hill - Woolwich - 1934 - Died 1985

I think Henry James is the right one, as his age is 5 in 1911.

James was a brass riveter who worked at the Woolwich Arsenal and probably some of his other siblings. My dad a gt nephew of James also worked at the Arsenal.
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Wow. Thanks Julie, that's a lot of information we never had. Granda never mentioned his little sister Agnes or his half siblings, then again he was a quiet man. Strange though how he seemed to live a paralell life to his siblings as a brass moulder in Belfast. Dad seems to think his grandmother Agnes drowned but this is unsubstantiated.

Hi Gareth,

This picture is of James elder brother Philip, with wife Emily daughter Ivy and son William. I do have a picture of Philips parents Philip and Ann, but I cant find it on my laptop, was sure it was on there. Also I have a wedding photo of my gran Lily Cubbidge (note the different spelling) wedding I don't know if James is in the picture.

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I find it sad that John didn't know his parents. I did wonder why he was left behind in Ireland. You've got me intrigued about Agnes death!

The picture I posted has done the rounds. IF you belong to Ancestry, Lori Wilcox has a family tree on there The Cubbage's to Canada, there are pictures there of John who emigrated and his family. Another lot of Cubbage's went to Canada, off hand I think it was Adam and Sam(p)son who would be cousins of our lot.
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