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Think I've found another skeleton in my husbands cupboard

No murders. That is purely the in the imagination of some writers. Basically 2 godfearing families and a malevolent teenager who for some reason declared her neighbours as witches. A seriously twisted clergyman who contacted the authorities at a time when the authorities were no longer keen to prosecute but nethertheless had to go through the necessary motions. The village fed up of this crazy cleric decided that something must be done to stop the nonsense and petitioned the authorities. The authorities were probably glad to finish it all and released the accused. I can imagine what happened to the teenager given this was a very close community. But prisons are not healthy places nor is the thought that you might be hung as a witch so I am not surprised the Hinchcliffes did not live long after their ordeal. The Shillitoes went on to be influential Quakers. The Haighs too married into a number of Quaker families so I can only assume that they were Quakers too or became so later on. The Hinchcliffe family is a bit more tricky.


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swindon wilts
I am just catching up !! Fornication in front of the congregation. Whatever next !

I thought my ancestors were bad enough doing it in private.

Duckweed , you have got some mighty ancestors. I do realise that you have not proved anything about them as such. Interesting reading though :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

That made ize chuckle Maddie...spect he finished with a loud Allejuha!!!!

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