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March, Cambs
Aaaargh!! :mad:
Someone please help me! I know that this is really bare bones stuff - but I'm in such a muddle at the moment! I have two families - both share the same surname (Delph). One set I can definitely place in my family tree. The other set start around the same period (1740's) and live in the same area (Wicken and Soham, Cambs). Now, these are two pretty small places and I'm sure that the two families are connected - do you think I can find the connection - CAN I HECK!!! The two "alpha" males that I have, I suspect are brothers. William Delph was born in Wicken, Cambs c1742 and John Delph was born in Wicken (I think) in 1746. I have no parents for either man. How do I find their parents names (apart from buying birth certificates)?? Was there any census' taken shortly after this time? Is the geneaology fairy busy? If she's in a wish granting mood, can I have a new car please - mine is dying!!

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