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Thomas and Susanna Yearsley

Thomas and Susanna Yearsley had their first child Katherine in 1735 in Acton near Nantwich, Cheshire. When she died in 1737 she was buried in Woodchurch, Cheshire. All subsequent children born between 1738 and 1752 were baptised in Woodchurch so it seems fair to say that the family were living there.

However I am unable to find a burial for either of the parents in Woodchurch or any where else. According to the Cheshire Parish Register Database site all entries for Woodchurch are complete.

Can anyone see a burial anywhere for Thomas or Susanna Yearsley? Caution, there are many spellings of the surname Yearsley/Yeardsley/Yardsley/Yurzly etc



Forgot to add that Thomas was born 1708 in Woodchurch.
Probably not much help but these are the only ones I can see in the NBI..

2 Jun 1801 Phebe YERDSLEY
7 Apr 1778 Elizabeth YEARSLEY
8 Dec 1741 Thomas YEARSLEY
5 Mar 1737 Catherine YERSLEY

All Woodchurch, Holy Cross.

Thanks Geoff. Not sure who Phebe and Elizabeth were as there were a lot of Yearsleys in the Woodchurch area, but Katherine and Thomas were children of Thomas and Susanna.