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Just received a copy and what a surprise:

Marriages Sep 1843
ANGEL Thomas Ashton &c 20 79
CLEMENTS Mary Ashton &c 20 79

1843 Marriage solemnized at the Israelites Sanctuary Ashton Under Lyne in the District of Ashton and Oldham in the Counties of Lancashire and Cheshire
No 66 - Twentyfifth of September 1843
Thomas Angel of full age Bachelor Cloth Lapper Katherine Street Ashton under Lyne Thomas Angel Horse Trainer
Mary Clements of full age Spinster Works in a Warehouse Katherine Street Ashton under Lyne James Clements Weaver
Married in the Israelites Sanctuary according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Israelites by me Aaron Woollacott
Thomas signed and Mary made her x mark
Witnesses: Edward Odgen, Elizabeth Woollacott
John Whitehead Registrar
Hello Ozn,

Thanks for that link. I had never heard of them before.

Thomas was the son of a soldier born in Ashburton, Devon who ended up in Paisley where he married and settled down to start a family. I say 99% of the ANGELs in Scotland are descendants. There was possibly one already in Scotland with the name ANGELL.

Spouse Mary was also born in Paisley so really a surprise they married in Lancashire and even greater surprise to find where they married.
One son John Clement became a Congregational minister.

Further reference to him found here:www.keme.co.uk/~stjohnsurcips/history.htm (Minister 1902-3)

Another son Samuel Dow. Have no idea where the middle name comes from. He vanishes in 1888 after he marries Agnes MUNRO in Blythswood, Lanark. I think alien abduction. :2fun:

Another son Stephen Gifford also vanishes with his spouse Jeanie Spence CALDER also in 1888. There is no definite trace of either of them after that, except for a possible sighting in Argentina ???

I know where the middle name Gifford comes from. The father's mate from the army Stephen GIFFORD.

The two families are buried together in Paisley Abbey Churchyard.

Paisley Abbey Churchyard S2:425
Thos. Angel & Steven Gifford & their wives & chn.
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I have no death for Mary. I have her father's name now from the marriage.

Thomas remarried 2 Jun 1869 Blythswood, Lanark.
My Great grandfather was in Israelites. Very patriotic sort of sect. Believed they were lost tribe of Israel I believe.

Sort of took inspiration from hym Jerusalem, though more dark satanic mills in Ashton I would think than England's green and pleasant land.

"The 19th-century evangelist John Wroe attempted to turn Ashton-under-Lyne into a "new Jerusalem". He founded the Christian Israelite Church, and from 1822 to 1831 Ashton-under-Lyne was the religion's headquarters. Wroe intended to build a wall around the town with four gateways, and although the wall was never constructed, the four gatehouses were. Popular opinion in the town turned against Wroe when he was accused of indecent behaviour in 1831, but the charges were dismissed. The Church spread to Australia, where it is still active."
Interesting about the four gates DW.

I had not come across them before. I guess my tree is about 30% Presbyterian, 30% CofE, 30% Wesleyan Methodist and 10% the rest.
I remember seeing the magazines in my grandfathers House. Don't know why he kept them as he was an Anglican. I was quite young and I didn't read them.

I thought they were a magazine for the Jewish faith and my father explained that my great grandfather had been part of a group called the Israelites.

It was very confusing for me as I knew we weren't Jewish and yet all the titles and symbols on the magazines looked Jewish.
They would be worth a bit now but I presume long gone.

Wroe must have been quite a character.

I wonder why people feel the need to create new 'religions' ???