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Thomas & Anne KILNER


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Thomas KILNER b. 1812 Huddersfield
Anne Richardson (nee BAMFORTH) b. 1818 Cudworth

Class HO107 Piece 1275 Book 13 Folio 10 Page 13
Civil parish Huddersfield
RD Huddersfield
Sub RD huddersfield
Hundreth Agbrigg (upper division)
Thomas Kilner age 25 occ merchant born in county
Ann Kilner age 20 born in county

William b. Mar Q 1847 Huddersfield
Edward b. Dec Q 1849 Huddersfield

Civil parish Cudworth
RD Barnsley
Sub RD Darton
Class RG9 Piece 3442 Folio 5 Page 6
Anne R Kilner head age 42 widow born Cudworth
Edward son age 11 born Huddersfield
Mary E dau age 8 born Huddersfield
Walter H son age 7 born Huddersfield
Thomas B son age 5 born Huddersfield
Elizh Robinson servant

Thomas Kilner age 44, died 21 May 1856 in 30 Trinity Street Huddersfield, Woollen Merchant, witnessed by Anne R Kilner. I don't have a death for William so he may or may not be there in 1851.

I'd like a look up for the family in 1851 please.


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Hi Dave

Found a William & Edward in Trinity Street. No parents.

Civil Parish: Huddersfield
Ecclesiastical parish: Holy Trinity
County/Island: Yorkshire
Country: England
Registration district: Huddersfield
Sub-registration district: Huddersfield
Address: Trinity Street, Huddersfield

KILNER, Charles Son M 5 1846 Woollen Merchants Son Huddersfield Yorkshire
KILNER, William Son M 3 1848 Huddersfield Yorkshire
KILNER, Lewis Son M 2 1849 Huddersfield Yorkshire
KILNER, Edward Son M 1 1850 Huddersfield Yorkshire
BARLEY, Salina Servant Unmarried F 25 1826 Nurse Huddersfield Yorkshire
BARLEY, Sarah Servant Unmarried F 15 1836 House Servant Huddersfield Yorkshire

Will check images who else is living in Trinity Street, then have a go at tracking the parents.

Hello cp,

Thank you very much.

But who are Charles & Lewis? :2fun:

Time to have lunch and let the computer cool down.

Be back in 30 min. :)


Hi Dave

The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser (West Yorkshire, England), Saturday, April 26, 1851; pg. 5; Issue 56. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.
On the 20th inst., aged 2 years, Lewis, son of Mr. Thomas Kilner, merchant, Trinity-street.

Hello cp,


At the parish church in the parish of Huddersfield in the county of York 25th of Sept 1839
Thomas Kilner age 26 Merchant of Carr House, Father Thomas Kilner, also a merchant
Anne Richardson Bamforth, age 21, lower Cudworth, Parish of Royston, father William Bamforth, gentleman

There must be children I (and also another researcher) don't have.

My video card is up to 52 degrees now. Supposed to be safe to 60 but I'm not going to test that. :D


Hi Dave

Looks like Charles from 1851.

Civil Parish: Hartlepool
County/Island: Durham
Country: England
Registration district: Hartlepool
Sub-registration district: Hartlepool
Address: Southgate Street Northeast Side, Hartlepool
CALLENDER, John Head Married M 32 1829 Draper Master Employing 11 Men Greenside Durham
CALLENDER, H M Wife Married F 22 1839 Hartlepool Durham
CALLENDER, Mary Daughter F 0 (4M) 1861 Hartlepool Durham
TURNER, Sarah Servant Unmarried F 20 1841 Cook Sunderland Durham
HADLEY, Harriet Servant Unmarried F 20 1841 House Maid ... Durham
COVERDALE, William Servant Unmarried M 25 1836 Porter Castle Eden Durham
RICHARDSON, James Boarder Unmarried M 24 1837 Assistant Hart Durham
WALTON, Isaac Boarder Unmarried M 29 1832 Assistant Alston Cumberland
LEONARD, Robert Ramsey Boarder Unmarried M 21 1840 Assistant Atwick Yorkshire
HINDERSON, John Boarder Unmarried M 20 1841 Assistant Sunderland Durham
BURTT, William Frederick Boarder Unmarried M 17 1844 Assistant Manchester Lancashire
CORNER, John Apprentice Unmarried M 18 1843 Apprentice Shildon Durham
WATSON, Thomas Apprentice Unmarried M 16 1845 Apprentice Wingate Durham
KILNER, Charles Apprentice Unmarried M 15 1846 Apprentice Huddersfield Yorkshire
MAYER, Johannes Apprentice Unmarried M 16 1845 Apprentice ...

Hello cp,

Thanks for looking.

Even Fred wouldn't know. :2fun:

Now the humidity increases in the late afternoon. :eek:


A real mystery.

It's probably time I revisited this branch of my tree to see if any more gaps can be filled.
Going over old threads and came across this:
The Leeds Mercury (Leeds, England), Saturday, October 5, 1844; Issue 5783
Same day, Alice Ann, daughter of Mr. Thomas Kilner, jun, Merchant, Huddersfield

I think at the time we assumed she belonged to the other Thomas and Ann but:

Name: Alice Anne Kilner
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1844
Registration district: Huddersfield Inferred County: Yorkshire - West Riding, West Yorkshire Volume: 22 Page: 346 (click to see others on page)

Since our Thomas and Anne were married in 1839 and the first child we have on record is William b 1845 it's quite posssible this is one of theirs
I have Charles as the first. But it would make sense given the marriage date that he was not their first child. Possibly one before Alice too.

Deaths Sep 1844
KILNER Alice Ann Huddersfield 22 192
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I meant Charles of course! That's what happens when I try to think at 5 in the morning.

I checked for other possible Kilner births between 1840 and 1843 in Huddersfield but there' s too many to try to narrow it down.
Yes, I looked too. The newspapers have been a help with a few of the family.

I have access to the Gale Collection through eResources on the NLA here.
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I'm considering paying for a subscription but as it's a lot of money for just 24 hours I'm waiting util I have the time to make the best use of it.