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thomas brown 1750 -1816


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Hi can anyone please help? I am looking for info on this man born presumably in Northumberland approx 1750. he married Ann Grant 19/12/1768 at St Mary, Woodhorn. they lived at Cresswell all their married life -eventually the family moved to Newbiggin by the sea in the mid 1800's I can find no birth info at all on these people, I have no reason to think they lived in another county. Thomas was a fisherman he died in 1816 his wife 1800 they are said to be buried at Woodhorn along with their 13 children. not all made it to adulthood though. I am hoping to go to Woodhorn records office later this year, but where to start with a name like Brown? :eek: any help/advice on where to go next - very gratefully received.:(

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