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Thomas Creve Preston (Crewe - Preston)

Looking for any informations on austrian officer named Thomas Crewe-Preston (sometimes written as Creve Preston), in 1845 Oberlieutenant of Kurassier Regiment Nr.4. Born 10.2.1816 in London, died 10.8.1849 in Bosing near Pressburg (now Pezinok, Slovak republic). Mentioned in 1837 as Cadet of KR.4, later Unterlieutenant, from 1844 Oberlieutenant. Married to Antonia Edle von Nedeczky (*1825+1850). I found the Grave of them, want to find some informations on them.. Maybe it would help to raise some money for reconstruction of the gravestone.http://gmic.co.uk/topic/61969-thomas-crewe-preston-creve-preston/

...Yes, I already wrote to GMIC forum earlier, unfortunatly no one could help..
Militär-Schematismus des österreichischen Kaiserthums

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Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. K.u.K. Kriegsministerium - 1837
Cornides, Daniel Thomas v-, Cad. 1R. 9. Coronini, Joh. Gr., H. IR. I7. Corren, Carl ... Creve-Preston, Thomas, Cad. Kür. R. 4. Crippa, Jos., O. 1 M.45Cristiancig, ...
..this is 1837 military schematismus, i have checked already all of them, I also have his "Grundbuch" (military recors), will post it in the evening...