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Thomas Edward Godfrey born 1770 Watlington

Chris Godfrey

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Hello. I was wondering If anyone could help me. I'm looking at finding out who the parents are for my 5th Great Grandfather. I believe his parents were are Edward Godfrey (1739) and Mary Backhouse (1745-1777). I ask as my late father I think may have recorded this wrong as he had Edward down as being born in 1708. This for me doesn't add up. All births are in and around Watlington.
Thomas Edward Godfrey was married to Elizabeth Collings.

Thank you in advance
Taken from OxFHS - Oxon Marriage Index C.D. - 1538-1837.

Ed. Godfrey - Ann Tucker, marriage. - 29 Nov 1759. Watlington.
Ed. Godfrey - Mary Backhouse, marriage. - 29 July 1764. Watlington.
Ed.Godfrey,(of Garsington) - Sarah Haynes, marriage - 14 Jan 1770. Watlington.

Where was Thomas Edward Godfrey married to Elizabeth Collins, as I cannot find them in the Index.?

Thomas Godfrey(of Headington) - Alice Collins,(of Headington), marriage. - Ox New College - 10 Oct 1708.


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Hi steve. This is the source that I have for the marriage to Elizabeth Ann collings


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What recorded evidence have you that he was born Watlington.?

How about this.......?

Name: Thomas Godfrey
Event Type: Baptism
Baptism Date: 4 Jun 1770
Baptism Place: Finmere, Oxfordshire, England
Phillimore Ecclesiastical Parish Map:
View this parish
Father: John Godfrey
Mother: Anne Godfrey
I only have written evidence of him living and dying in and around whitechapel. The family were gunsmiths in whitechapel/pimlico before moving to Birmingham and then finally Manchester. So it's possible then that he isn't from Watlington
Liverpool?. His father is a Thomas and not edward. Have you found any evidence of his children. Edward my 4th great grandfather born 1831 in whitechapel. I'm presuming that Thomas moved to london if that is indeed him.
That 1841 census gives no evidence of his occupation. Just 'Independent'. I've already seen that one.

If you haven't got no documentary evidence of a baptism for him, how do you know his father was Edward.?

I have a baptism for Thomas Edward Godfrey that shows his parents as Edward and Mary


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Not wishing to dispute your fathers work and his tree, but I think you need to start from the beginning. At the time I would possibly think that your father didn't have the access that we have have now to Family history records etc.

The 1841 census that you posted, has Thomas Godfrey born Middlesex, not 'out of county'.

Do you know any details of your Grand parents, from your own memory. Do you have your very own tree, using your own information and research.

I have my own tree yes and I have information written up to this point. I have marriage and birth certificates up to this point also. I've put my dads tree into my own and followed it through. I've since had 2 people tell me that Thomas father was Edward from Watlington with a profession as a tailor.
According to the 1775 Wallington baptism record he was 5 years old at the time so a birth c1770.

Available to view on Ancestry, if you're a member. As long as you're sure it is him you are looking for. If so, then the Mary Blackhouse marriage is correct.


Hi Chris , did you get to the bottom of this..Im researching my English roots and have Elizabeth Ann Collings and Thomas Godfrey 1769 both of London in my family tree now. happy to communicate.