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Thomas Ford CASTLES


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Thomas Ford b. 13 Mar 1826 c. 5 Apr 1826 St Mary Rotherhithe, Surrey, England
George CASTLES & Maria

The Sydney Morning Herald - Thu 8 Jul 1852 p.2
This day:- ... Cornelia, for London.

Empire (Sydney, NSW) - Sat 17 Jul 1852 p.3
WATER POLICE OFFICE.-There were only two cases on the list yesterday :-John Quinlan, a seaman belonging to the Daniel Webster, wnr. convicted of desertion, and sentenced to 14 days imprisonment. Thomas Castles, a deserter from the Cornelia, was discharged, there being no prosecutor, on account of the vessel having sailed.

Looking for the marriage and deaths of his parents.

Also looking for him in 1841.
2 possibles..

George CastleSex
MaleSpouse's Name Maria HuntleySpouse's *** FemaleEvent Type MarriageEvent Date 26 Dec 1822Event Place Hammersmith, Middlesex

George CastleSex MaleSpouse's Name Maria EppsSpouse's *** FemaleEvent Type MarriageEvent Date 12 Oct 1817Event Place Patrixbourne, Kent
Children baptised Rotherhithe with parents George and Maria
Louisa 1823
Harriet 1825
Thomas Ford 1826
Edmund Geary 1828
Alfred Darley 1829

Paradise Street, Rotherhithe
George Castle 60 Shipwright
Maria Castle 50
Alfred Castle 11

Exeter Street, St Luke, Chelsea
George Castle 70 Shipbuilder Hull, Yorks
Maria Castle 62 wife Uttoxeter, Staffs
Louisa Castle dau unm 27 Rotherhithe
Alfred Darley Castle son unm 21 Rotherhithe

In 1861 Maria is a widow living with a daughter Maria F and family in St Pancras. Maria F born 1814 Rotherhithe but I cannot find a baptism.

Possible death for Maria
Maria Castle Dec 1872 St Pancras 1b 92 aged 83
There are several trees on fmp which have George marrying Ann Darley 22 September 1802 in Sculcoates (his name is given as Cattle). After Ann's death in 1821 he supposedly marries Maria Ford 26 December 1822 in Hammersmith. However the only George/Maria marriage I can find for that date in Hammersmith is for a Maria Huntley.

In 1861 Maria Castle is with her daughter Maria F Howard and family in St Pancras. Maria F is married to Richard Howard. Looking for their marriage it has Richard marrying a Maria Ford Huntley. Maria Ford Huntley was baptised 1815 in Bermondsey with parents Kingsby Huntley and Maria. Kingsby Huntley married Maria Ford 15 December 1810 in Bermondsey. Therefore the George Castle/Maria Huntley marriage is correct.

All this explains why some of the children have the middle name Ford and Darley. The Geary comes from George's mother - her maiden name apparently. Samuel Castle married Catherine Geary in Hull 3 February 1780