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thomas hawkins knight.


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hello i was hoping some one can give me some help i have a ancester who was a knight and served king henry vlll8th. i have googled but it just comes up with thomas hawkins kbight lord of the manor boughton under blean served king henry but i know al this info i woued like to know what he did for the king how did he serve him and what he got in return any infor be so greatfull elizabeth.)
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not what you asked for, but maybe useful

NASH is a mansion of account here, for having been the seat of the family of Hawkins, as is apparent, as well from records as from their own private evidences, for some centuries past, and where they still reside in their original gentility. The first of them that I find mention of, is Andrew Hawkins, who had a good estate in the liberty of Holderness, in Yorkshire, as appears by an inquisition taken anno 17 Edward III. and left by his wife Joane de Nash, by whom he inherited this seat of Nash, two sons, Richard and John, the latter of whom purchased lands in Boughton in the beginning of the reign of king Richard II. His son John Hawkins, esq. was of Nash, which continued in his descendants down to Thomas Hawkins, esq. of Nash, who dying in 1588, æt. 101, was buried with his wife in the north chancel of this church, under a tomb of Bethersden marble, on which is his figure in brass, and an inscription, which says he served king Henry VIII. which won him same, who was a gracious prince to him, and made well to spend his aged days; that he was high of stature, his body long and strong, excelling all that lived in his age. His only son Sir Thomas Hawkins, likewise resided at Nash, whose eldest son Sir Thomas Hawkins, of Nash, was a person of fine accomplishments and learning, and among other works translated Causinus's Holy Court, and died in 1640. (fn. 5) In whose descendants resident at Nash, who lie all of them buried in the north chancel of this church, this seat at length continued down to Thomas Hawkins, esq. of Nash, who rebuilt this seat, of which he died possessed in 1766, æt. 92. In whose time, anno 1715, during the ferment the nation was thrown into on account of the rebellion in Scotland, this family being of the Roman Catholic persuasion, the seat of Nash was plundered by some of the neighburhood. Every part of the furniture, family pictures, writings of the estate and family, &c. were burnt by them, with an excellent library of books; and the family plate was carried off, and never heard of afterwards. Of his sons, John the eldest became his heir, and Edward-Thomas possessed the Gower estate, at Colmans, in Worcestershire, and took the name of Gower. John Hawkins, esq. the eldest son, on his father's death, became possessed of Nash, and married Susan, daughter of Robert Constantine, esq. of Dorsetshire, by whom he had two sons, to the eldest of whom, Thomas, he in his life-time gave up this seat, together with his other estates in this county. Thomas Hawkins, esq. married Mary, the daughter of John Bradshaw, esq. of London, descended from those of Stretton, in Cheshire, by whom he has four daughters. He resides at Nash, to which, with the grounds belonging to it, he has made great additions and improvements. The house is a large handsome building, pleasantly situated on the summit of the hill, having a fine prospect over the adjoining country, and has been sitted up within these few years with much taste in the modern stile. He bears for his arms, first and fourth, Hawkins, argent, on a saltire, sable, five fleurs de lis, or; second and third, Hames, azure, a chevron between three demi lions, rampant, or. (fn. 6)

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